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Marshawn Lynch was disciplined and hit on all of his talking points today. A political consultant's dream. — Richard Deitsch (@richarddeitsch) January 27, 2015 h/t Jim Billimoria

h/t Bridget Nutt via Buzzfeed via Dorsey Shaw and also why not, Jake Sherman

Obama flubs lowest “share,” so it sounds like he says sh*t in the presser. NOTE: This is exactly how press conferences should go.

Deadspin: The Tiger Woods Guide To Post-Scandal Press Conferences A quick study of the historic record also provides several different strategies for approaching this important Hail Mary of public relations. Which option will Tiger choose? President Bill Clinton Strategy: Defiant lies Basketball Guy Kobe Bryant Strategy: Hold on to your …

We simply can’t stop watching this. They look a little nervous at the beginning – as if they’re waiting for someone to call their bluff. To their credit, they all worked together and stayed on message when Eric Wohlschlegel, the real Chamber of Commerce spokesman, entered the room. Can you …