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…on YouTube. Romney’s YouTube page still has him running for President.

Yesterday we featured Part One of our interview with two superdelegates. Today, Part Two: Is superdelegate even a word?  Why doesn’t my spell check recognize it? Awais: I don’t think it’s a word, but we are real, average people (as my minimal bank account and excess homework can attest to.) …

If you are as sick of superdelegate talk as I am, than you’ll really get a kick out of this post.  “As President and Vice President of the College Democrats of America, Lauren Wolfe and Awais Khaleel are both superdelegates at the Democratic Convention in Denver. They are both undecided …

Bill and Hillary Push Clinton/Obama Ticket

EE: Impeached Democrats for Hillary AP: Obama Gives Away Money Tied to Donor Ben Smith: “Not a bad night for returning some Rezko money. Maybe Hillary wishes she hadn’t worked so hard to own the news cycle.”

JoMa: Mitt rocks the guayabera shirt!

NY Times endorses Obama and McCain Ambinder: “This will no doubt not help McCain.”

“Well, a welcome like that, it’s almost enough to make me want to run for office again. (Laughter.) Almost, almost. (Applause.)” [click]