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BlackBerry service out in N. America Disruption affecting all wireless carriers /Dang it! No Playbook on the Metro!?

Politico (Andrews), “the so-called “Chesapeake Primary” isn’t until Feb. 12 Politico (JoMa), “Shouldn’t it be called the Chesapeake Primary?” Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (during an interview with WaPo’s Pershing), “Some people might want to call it the ‘Chesapeake Primary.’”

Anne Schroder at the Politico has posed a very interesting question. What top-floor K Street lobby shop is losing employees by the bucketload? Rumor has it the firm lost at least 14 people in 18 months and, as of yesterday, its website didn’t work. Any guesses?

Pershing: Convention Party Do’s and Don’ts Bresnahan: Senate splits with House on ‘lawmaker tributes’ at national conventions

This has to be the lamest attempt at piggy-backing someone else’s good fortunes. From “Hopefully, this doesn’t become a trend: Democratic challenger Dennis Shulman, inspired by the New York Giants’ huge, stunning, miraculous win over the New England Patriots in Sunday’s Super Bowl, invoked the Giants’ upset image Monday …

Does Martin have a man-crush on McCain? [not live from a Taco Bell]

JoMa filing from a Taco Bell JoMa reporting from sunny Florida JoMa having dinner in Hollywood JoMa on KFC diplomacy

Polipundit: McCain’s Campaign Over? (6/27/07) Nagourney & Kirkpatrick: McCain Drops Top Aides; New Doubts Rise (7/11/07) Ana Marie Cox: Behind McCain’s Campaign Chaos (7/11/07) Politico: McCain campaign implodes? (7/2/07) Newt: “I don’t see how [McCain] can get the nomination.” (7/30/07) Six months later… AP: McCain Claims Sweet Victory (1/19/08) First …

EE: Impeached Democrats for Hillary AP: Obama Gives Away Money Tied to Donor Ben Smith: “Not a bad night for returning some Rezko money. Maybe Hillary wishes she hadn’t worked so hard to own the news cycle.”

Bres: Sebelius is up now And gosh, she was terrifically boring. Today, I went from Barack Obama to George Bush to Kathleen Sebelius, and I seemed like I was going downhill in rhetorical ability-o-meter. Wow. …but, he does kiss Rahm’s Ring: Rahm sums up the Bush speech pretty well

O’Connor: Emerson will stay in the House

doesn’t like West Va. football The House is taking up two resolutions today to honor college-football teams, which in my opinion is at least one too many. But the assertion in the resolution that the WVU had to “overcome adversity” to win the Fiesta Bowl doesn’t really make it for …

Taco Bell? The sacrifice he makes for his readers is displayed here: I pulled over to an exurban Orlando Taco Bell — new strip mall literally being built across the parking lot as I type — to write up the increasingly heated back-and-forth between both candidates and campaigns.

Bres: House Republicans call for moratorium on earmarks EE: House Republicans Know How to Play the Game Lewis: Breaking: GOP Leadership Proposes Earmark Moratorium Pear: House Republicans Urge Earmark Moratorium JK: House GOP shelves earmark moratorium plan, seeks bipartisan panel AP: House GOP Proposes Earmarks Moratorium Gavin: Reporters Covering the …