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Few people can take a selfie, Tweet, Instagram and Snapchat… all at the same time. Katy Ricalde does it like it’s her job – because it is. Katy is the New Media Specialist for “Special Report with Bret Baier” which means not only does Katy advise Bret on which filter looks best …

Carnegie Library is a great scene. Cocktails are always welcomed on a Friday night. Selfies were all the rage over WHCD 2014.

According to the latest social media study, [#23,432] it seems that Republicans are more Twitter “genius” than Democrats. …the study found Republicans have “struck back,” with GOP senators averaging more than 5.5 IQ points higher than their Democratic counterparts. [holy crap] The top genius? @SenJohnMcCain John McCain may be in …

Did Twitter just cruise by the Lincoln Memorial, run down the mall, skip past the White House, and then jump the shark? NY Times: The Week in Washington on Twitter Howard Kurtz: Anchors Twittering Their Lives Away

New media consultants across the country will rip this idea off in …3…2…1

Proof that Twitter is slowly taking over the world.