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Deidre Pujols founded Strike Out Slavery to bring awareness to the growing human trafficking problem in the United States. With the help of her husband and first baseman for the LA Angels, Albert Pujols, the two are traveling cross-country to spread the word and combat the issue

Move over, Bryce Harper and take those perfect locks with you. FamousDC is taking over your stomping grounds on Sunday, September 18th and there’s nothing you can do about it except attend (please). Be the first to know when tickets for Fall Festival 2016 go on sale by signing up here. Yes, it’s …

Last night, T-Swift performed for the capital and of course, FamousDC was there. Aside from the other 45,000 fans at the sold out Nationals Stadium, it was basically like she was giving us our own private show. Taylor performed better than ever belting out hit songs like Blank Space, Clean, Romeo and Juliet among other fan favorites. The biggest surprise of the night? Lorde appeared as the guest star performing a duet with Taylor, bringing fans to their feet and lighting up the entire park with 45,000 LED concert bracelets and Snapchatting cellphones. One thing’s for sure- there is definitely no “Bad Blood” between T-Swift and DC.

VRE is expanding its service [so expect happier NoVa citizens] A man tried to scale the White House fence last night [sixth attempt overall this year] WHCD wants you to remember it’s [raising money for a good cause] Rain [and stuff] Photo by Kevin Wolf

DC interns are back [and DCist has their best quips so far] You may not believe it but it costs less to live near Nats Park [than it does to live near Fenway] DC might host the [MLB all-star game this year] Photo by Laurie Shaull