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White House race looks past February 5 Heated Exchange at Romney Stop Bloomberg vows to cut NYC taxes, if he can Romney Criticizes Rivals’ Lobbyists Ben Smith: Obama for Veep? Ambinder: Nevada’s At-Large Precincts Ruled Legal Cillizza: Rangel: Clinton Will Overcome “National Perceptions” A Rare Chelsea Comment

Finally, a Republican strategist that doesn’t sound like all the rest. Compares McCain to Jessica Simpson. Hilarious.

Under oath, Bloomberg dodges White House run query Bloomberg, who was a longtime Democrat, switched to the Republican Party to run for mayor in 2001. He won twice, spending more than $150 million of his own money, then dropped his party affiliation in June last year.

 Weisman: McCain Faces Payback From Old GOP Foes

Jonathan Martin: Why is McCain in Pole Position? (prepare to qualify!) Baby, You Can Drive My Car Among the most recent additions to the Giuliani website is a feature called “Drive 2 Five,” which uses car-racing images and analogies — checkered flags, references to a “road to victory,” an odometer …

Harris and VandeHei: Why reporters get it wrong “But the instinct to be even a couple hours ahead of the story is relentless. At The Washington Post, where we both worked, exit polls in 2004 had the newsroom busy working on Why Kerry Won stories—scrapped just minutes before publication as real …

Clinton Wins NH in a Stunning upset