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“It’s a love tap compared to the Wu-Tang fist of fury that’s coming at this guy in the fall,” said Rick Wilson, a Republican media consultant. [Ghostface Killah] This is for the White House folks.

JoMa: The RNC hasn’t come out and gotten behind McCain yet….

Tim Hames: McCain and Petraeus

Widespread Pride in the Senate Ain’t Life Grand

Babington and Kellman report from inside the small and clubby Senate environment

Romney campaigns throughout the night [red bull]

Pearson: Hastert knocks McCain as ‘allied with Democrats’ Asked if he considered McCain a conservative, Hastert said, “In my opinion, he is not.”

The K Street rush to McCain begins

Polipundit: McCain’s Campaign Over? (6/27/07) Nagourney & Kirkpatrick: McCain Drops Top Aides; New Doubts Rise (7/11/07) Ana Marie Cox: Behind McCain’s Campaign Chaos (7/11/07) Politico: McCain campaign implodes? (7/2/07) Newt: “I don’t see how [McCain] can get the nomination.” (7/30/07) Six months later… AP: McCain Claims Sweet Victory (1/19/08) First …

Romney – Bring it on! McCain – Nah…..

Halperin: The “Stop Romney” Coalition –Rudy to endorse McCain in Cali. Guiliani hints at ending 2008 presidential bid Rudy had cash bar at “victory party”

JoMa: “Global Warming Fades From McCain’s Stump Speech”

NY Times endorses Obama and McCain Ambinder: “This will no doubt not help McCain.”