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Last night FamousDC threw an amazing post election bash complete with plenty of lame duckies on all the table for everyone to let loose after the past, election stressed-filled weeks. Major thanks to our sponsors IntermarketsU.S. TravelNJI Media and Story Partners for making events like last night happen and for sending their awesome people to add to the fun. Read on for photos of the festivities, complete with ducks, drinks and some familiar faces. Famously Spotted: Jeremy Art, Chelsea Snell, Kate Connors, Lauren Pratapas, Caleb Smith, Johnny Football, Ryan Thompson, Brad Dayspring, Andrea McCarthy, Brian Patrick, Kate Lewis, Mike Lurie, Matt Lira, Michael Steel, Brendon Buck, Riva Litman, Johanna Murphy, Pat Lobner, Megan Whittemore, John Sciuto, Christine Yoo, Drew Brandewie, Dennis Bohm, Mike Harinstein, Stephanie Fontenot, Katie Wilkerson, Georgette Spanjich, Mike Calvo, Jeffrey Hubbard, Blair Milligan, Jacob Wood, Justin Herman, Allison & Dick Cunningham, Peter Pan, Amos Snead, Josh Shultz, Natasha Federova, Brea MacIsaac, Carol Foster, Brittney Dunkins, Ashley Wolos, Josh Funk, Pranav Vora, Philip Soriano, Abby Matousek, Alejandro Trevino, Alex Skatell, Brandon Barrios, Matthew Burrell, Craig Wiesen, Henri Makembe, Jim Billimoria, Laura Wainman, Patrick Lobner, Matt Wolking, Pete Haviland-Eduah, Riva Litman, Victoria Bosselman, Connor Walsh, Zoe Maurer and many more.

There was an important vote yesterday in Congress – the vote to continue funding of the federal government.  So important in fact, 75 Members of Congress didn’t bother to show up. More than 70 House members didn’t bother showing up to vote Tuesday, even as the lower chamber wraps up …

It is cold out there, so be sure to drive really, really slow. Lame Duck Superman: Able to jump tall buildings and push through 100 bills … in one single swoop!

Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) was caught by a microphone on the Senate floor yesterday, telling a colleague “this stuff’s rigged…” Was he talking about: A. The WWF B. The Congressional Lame Duck Session C. The BCS Find out here.

Democratic staffers across the Hill are already salivating about the possibilities that might arise come November. [Bulletin board material for the GOP] Democratic Hill staffers have become transfixed by the next Election Day – which could bring a new administration and an untold number of new job openings – while …