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Democratic staffers across the Hill are already salivating about the possibilities that might arise come November. [Bulletin board material for the GOP]

Democratic Hill staffers have become transfixed by the next Election Day – which could bring a new administration and an untold number of new job openings – while they’re still required to slog through a year’s worth of legislative business.”

And so staffers find themselves in a historically unusual situation: a year in from a dramatic takeover of Congress and less than a year away from what they hope is a Democratic White House. Until then, it’s a long, hard slog…

And while some anonymous Dem staffers quoted in the story sit around and twiddle their thumbs, others pass the time, not by working, but giggling.

“I mean, it’s the silliest time imaginable on the Hill.”

Not that some staffers have put the cart before the horse- but they have.

“Everyone is in a holding pattern,” said one top Senate aide. “We’re all waiting for the election and the massive movement of people that will follow.”

Strangely, some staffers have lowered the bar and all but thrown in the towel on the remainder of this year – because it appears their hard work here is done.

Work goes on, however, only with much-lowered expectations. “I don’t think the luster of being in the Democratic majority has worn off, [but] I think there’s a more realistic assessment of what we can possibly get done here in the last six months,” said another House Democratic staffer. “I think it’s much more about the micro level.”

Our question: Is anybody on Capitol Hill awake and working?