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We knew it was coming, but we didn’t know it would happen at 4:45 am.  [pre-breakfast snack]

Redskins Cereal *SURPRISE INSIDE: You could win a chance to coach the Redskins!

Deadspin’s Drew Margary spent Sunday at FedEx Field and luckily for all of us, he wrote about it. Take a few minutes and give it a read. We’ve included our favorite paragraph. Deadspin: Redskins Season Quickly Devolving Into Roland Emmerich Film … Jason Campbell was benched at halftime of this …

We’re fairly certain we’ve seen [or not seen] this guy in Georgetown.  [Jim Zorn is jealous]

Jarrett thinks so. Stet Sports Blog: Five Reasons Why the Detroit Lions Are in Better Shape Than the Washington NFL Franchise 5. Threshold of Expectations 4. Happy People 3. The Hunger for More 2. The Washington Post Lives 1. Tailgating is welcomed at Ford Field

New Redskins coach Jim Zorn can’t lose. Ok, we’re still in preseason, but we’re calling it early … Skins in the Superbowl! DC Pro Sports Report: Redskins 17, Bills 14