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Deadspin’s Drew Margary spent Sunday at FedEx Field and luckily for all of us, he wrote about it.

Take a few minutes and give it a read. We’ve included our favorite paragraph.

Deadspin: Redskins Season Quickly Devolving Into Roland Emmerich Film

Jason Campbell was benched at halftime of this whale abortion. Meanwhile, coach Jim Zorn was summoned to Cerrato’s office after the game and stripped of his play-calling duties, which will totally solve everything. Cerrato did not immediately name a new play caller, instead choosing to discuss who would be the new play caller WITH Zorn today, which is akin to the time Richard Pryor’s mother asked him to go out and find a switch for her to beat his ass with.

While we’re on the topic of ‘Skins, check out Dan Steinberg’s take on the game.

Dan Steinberg: Scenes From the Burgundy Revolution: Chiefs

And Denette Cooke of Virginia Beach, a fan since ’72, wearing a Jason Campbell jersey, and shouting “GO RAVENS” during the long walk away from the stadium. (“This is woeful, this is the worst they’ve ever been,” she said.)