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NPR Music picked out their favorite tracks of 2014 so far, and we made them into a playlist for you. Aren’t we thoughtful? Well, most of them are here anyway – the 42 that were on YouTube. Sit back and cruise through your afternoon with these mostly chill, hipstery tracks.

Since recess has come to an end, the Ladies Who Lobby spent some time thinking about the personalities we’ve uncovered at some of DC’s most (in)famous bars… …We spend a lot of time drinking. Dan’s Cafe = Drunk college students. Drunks. Tortilla Coast = Interns as far as the eye …

You can almost tell he doesn’t really understand what he’s reading while he’s reading it. h/t Gawker

Last month, Stephen Colbert tore apart Miracle Whip’s new ad campaign aimed at hipsters. Yesterday, our favorite condiment responded by running this full page ad in several newspapers. It’s pretty much brilliant.

Spotted! At the Capitol Hill Good Stuff on Monday: Mark David [Hipster] Should we tell him that Lennon’s already dead?  Or, wait, is that the guy who beat the crap out of Dan Rather? [still around, btw ]  Maybe the angsters are turning their ire on Wolf Blitzer?  [that would …