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Since recess has come to an end, the Ladies Who Lobby spent some time thinking about the personalities we’ve uncovered at some of DC’s most (in)famous bars…

…We spend a lot of time drinking.

Dan’s Cafe = Drunk college students. Drunks.

Tortilla Coast = Interns as far as the eye can see.

Hamilton’s = Again, interns. But this time, interns that play kickball.

Cap Lounge = Staff Assistants. Still look like interns but they’re rocking slightly less revealing & disheveled looks. Emphasis on the slightly.

Smith Point = Biddy Legislative Assistants.

Policy = Policy Assistant. Because duh.

P.J. Clarke’s = VP Public Relations Firm. Casual class.

Little Miss Whiskey’s = Hipster Policy Analyst. Moved to H St. before it was cool.

Sonoma = Legislative Directors.

Beuchert’s Saloon = Chiefs of Staff.

Hank’s on the Hill = Southern Chiefs of Staff.

Pearl Dive/Black Jack = Every Lobbyist Ever.

The Gibson = The Hip Lobbyist.

Columbia Room = Hip lobbyist with an Expense Account.

Sidecar = The Hungry Lobbyist.

Off the Record = Edward Snowden.

Marvin’s = Good ol’ Boys of Georgetown.

Molly Malone’s = Hill Reporters.

Lucky Bar = Aging Frat Boys wearing socks with Sperry’s.

Izakya = Your Foodie Friend.

Public = Ew no one goes here. Stop that.

Tosca = The Real Power Brokers.

Red Derby = The Ladies Who Lobby, getting kicked off the roof.

Photo by Noe Todorovich.