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Meet Ericka Andersen. Ericka handles all of the social media for The Heritage Foundation, but when she is not in the office she is managing her fitness blog, The Sweet Life. A visit to her blog provides followers with information on running and living a healthy lifestyle, but Ericka also likes to incorporate exciting moments from her life outside of the fitness realm. FamousDC got a chance to learn more about Ericka’s blogging success.

Politico’s Glenn Thrush: Republicans put mugshots on Dems’ seats

He’s just like most Americans – he goes for the burger, not the salad. [eat for today] He [Gibbs] joked, “All you guys think he eats carrots and celery – and there’s more cheeseburgers, fries and pie than you previously knew. You guys thought he, like, carried arugula in his …

A health inspector’s nightmare. ‘Real World D.C.’ house to become a restaurant Even if you weren’t invited into the “Real World: D.C.” house for a make-out session in the hot tub, you still may get your chance to peruse the S Street mansion. The catch? You may have to wait …

Attention bloggers: Watching this video is important to your health. Seriously.