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Meet Ericka Andersen.

Ericka handles all of the social media for The Heritage Foundation, but when she is not in the office she is managing her fitness blog, The Sweet Life – recently named one of Washingtonian’s top DC fitness blogs. A visit to her blog provides followers with information on running and living a healthy lifestyle, but Ericka also likes to incorporate exciting moments from her life outside of the fitness realm. FamousDC got a chance to learn more about Ericka’s blogging success.

1. What made you shift your blog from politics to other topics?

I moved to DC to work in politics and journalism, so that was my main interest when I got here. But since my job was in politics, I started realizing it wasn’t fun for me to also write a personal blog about it. That’s when I discovered a whole community of people writing about their everyday lives, specifically those focused on fitness and healthy living. I am a very active person and had recently begun running marathons, so it was a natural switch for me, and I’ve never looked back!

2. Would you describe your blog as mostly fitness focused, or is it a mix?

My main focus is fitness in the form of running, CrossFit and cross training, but it’s also about living a balanced, healthy lifestyle overall! I do a lot of tips in the form of lists for how to stay motivated or inspired. I also blog about my everyday life, which sometimes includes the cool stuff I get to do with my job at The Heritage Foundation, where I run all of our social media. In DC, there’s always a chance to meet neat people, so when I meet someone, like Condoleezza Rice or John McCain, I’ll add that in a post.

3. What is the most difficult aspect of keeping up with your blog?

I love writing my blog, but it’s hard to come up with good, compelling posts every single day. I try to post at least five times per week. I know my readers come back daily to see what’s new, and I like to have fresh content for them. It’s sometimes hard to find the time to write as much as I want. Some posts take longer than others, like if I’m including photography, lots of link love, lists or a lengthy description. Each post is different though, and I love sharing in the community, so it is not a chore to me.

4. What is your blogging pet peeve? Something you hate seeing other bloggers do, perhaps?

I don’t like bloggers who write posts just to have something up. I only like to put up content if I have a reason to put it up. Good content is the key to keeping your readers. Also, I don’t like when people repost a ton of those “thinspiration” images. I’m not really into that kind of messaging, and it’s unoriginal, so you shouldn’t do it too often. Lastly, you have to give love to get love, especially in the beginning. Commenting and supporting others’ blogs is really important!

5. Explain your dream day off in D.C. – away from your computer?

It would start with a good work out at a CrossFit box. Mine is Trident Crossfit in Del Ray. Then, I’d hit up the spa at the Mandarin Oriental for the full treatment. Afterwards, assuming it’s summer because that would also be in my dream, I’d head to a rooftop pool with some good girlfriends. After hanging out there for awhile, we’d get changed for the evening and have cocktails at the Georgetown waterfront. Then, I would meet my fiancé for dinner at one of those nice Georgetown restaurants I’ve never been to but always wanted to try! It ends with us going up to the top of the Washington Monument like Finn and Dana did in that one episode of Homeland.