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Remember to watch out for gas prices while you’re driving around this weekend. Hutchy – Gas Prices

With gas prices at an three year low, DCist asks, how long will we have to keep paying the taxicab gas surcharge in DC?

Legendary rapper Puff Daddy has had about enough of these high gas prices.  They’re so high, he’s been forced to travel on a commercial airliner. [like the rest of us] His only, very simple request, “Whoever the next president is, please lower the gas prices.” Vote or Fly! Note:  Every …

Lawmakers in DC, not Big Oil or the War in Iraq, are now the top scapegoats for high prices at the pump.  But perhaps the  most interesting result from this survey is that a whopping 81% of those who responded want the U.S. government to allow more domestic drilling.  Americans are feeling the impact of record gas …

I’m talking gas prices.  Who do I blame?  Bush?  Pelosi?  This guy? If this is true.  I’m done driving.

We hope you made it into work OK and missed all of the truckers. If today’s protest is anything like the last one, it may be a good day to break out those ear plugs at your desk. Gas Prices Protest Could Jam Morning Rush A group of truck drivers is planning …

Washington D.C. again had the highest heating oil price at $3.77 a gallon, up 8.7 cents from the previous week.

Drivers face $3.50 gasoline this spring: gov’t GM unveils eco-friendly concept Cadillac – could get 300 miles on a single tank