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We hope you made it into work OK and missed all of the truckers. If today’s protest is anything like the last one, it may be a good day to break out those ear plugs at your desk.

Gas Prices Protest Could Jam Morning Rush
A group of truck drivers is planning to caravan past the White House and the Capitol before a rally to protest high gas prices.

The group Truckers and Citizens Unite says it has organized hundreds of truckers to participate in the event on Monday. The activities are expected to start about 9 a.m.

No street closures are planned, but the influx of trucks could cause traffic disruptions during the morning rush hour.

The truckers plan to drive past the Capitol and White House and then park at RFK Stadium. They’ll take a shuttle from the stadium back to the Capitol for a rally at 11 a.m.

The drivers plan to use major commuter routes for the procession, including South Capitol Street, Independence Avenue, 17th Street, Constitution Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue and East Capitol Street.

UPDATE:  With permission, we’ve included one anonymous Hill staffer’s rant on the protest situation going on and their appreciation for the incessant honking the truckers apparently are doing.

Email from FDC reader: They’re honking, because the populists have convinced them it is the Ivy Leaguer making 28k a year, hoping to make a small difference that is the cause of their fuel price problem. They’re honking because they chose to make their living from an industry which has historically been very susceptible to shifts in energy prices. They’re honking to interrupt another person’s work …because they feel like if by doing the speed limit in the left lane of our workday – somehow it will make a difference in theirs. They’re honking because they can’t drive to OPEC’s headquarters and bitch at them. They are cutting their nose off in order to spite their face, and I hate them for it.

I wonder if any of those new “green” vending machines on Cap Hill sell ear plugs or Prozac?

PS: OPEC is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, so that would actually involve less driving and more boating. 

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