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Jimmy Fallon put up a fierce fight against Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant in a lip sync challenge on The Tonight Show. They crushed it!

If Tommy McFly says it, we believe it.

The Washington Post recently launched TastePost, a new food and spirits club for ridiculously good looking area residents who love food, wine, beer and spirits. TastePost connects members right to experts from The Washington Post Food section-giving them recommendations on wine, food pairings, and entertaining. TastePost also provides its members …

Juniper Lane recently won the contest to open up for Coldplay and they rocked! Also, Vivion Smith was spotted in the cheap seats with fans taking pictures and signing autographs. Good for them…Coldplay followed suit and played their last two songs before the encore from the cheap seats.

Last Second Thoughts: Congratulations to DC’s Juniper Lane for scoring the opening gig at Coldplay’s August 3rd show at the Verizon Center

Wolf Blitzer‘s producer Jill Chappell might want to hire an agent pretty soon. First she handles a LIVE call from Ellen and now she’s hanging with Tate Donovan. Shenanigans: The Damages Edition CNN booker in D.C. Jill Chappell got to visit actor Tate Donovan on his TV set of “Damages” in New …

Polanski sex scandal film shakes up Sundance The film tells the untold story of the scandal that caused the Polish–born director to flee America.

Oliver Stone to make “fair” movie about George W. Bush