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Venga and DC Central Kitchen have concluded their ‘Stuff The Bus’ Drive, and in case you haven’t heard, it was a pretty big success. They started with a goal of 5,000 pounds of real and ‘virtual’ food donations and finished up Friday with over 11,500 pounds of food. Not impressed …

Happy Monday. What a weekend: White House Correspondents Dinner, pre-parties, post-parties, brunches, NASCAR under the lights in Richmond, beautiful weather for Gold Cup, the Kentucky Derby, Floyd Mayweather Jr. earned his money, and and somehow Conan won the weekend.

No, Obama won’t be reading Sarah Palin’s book any time soon. "I probably won’t, but I don’t get a chance to read things other than briefing books very often these days anyway," he said. Somebody has to ask. [Ed Henry]

CNN’s Ed Henry proved he’s no slouch when it comes to flexing his math skills. From Twitter: President Obama has a 71-car motorcade from the Beijing airport, including Chinese greeting vehicles ! In our opinion 65 seems reasonable, 71 is a little over the top.

Ed Henry thinks Ed Henry is pretty special.  [self-absorption]

Twas the Night Before Christmas Twas the night before the Christmas, when all through the White House, Mrs. Bush was stirring, as she looked for her spouse. The boxes were packed, except for a few, As George hid in the study, wondering what next he should do. And while W’s …