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There are many examples of major brands taking initiatives to impact pressing issues and influence policy independent of government action.Purina, a household name in pet food (your dog and cat heart them), is one of those companies. Purina recently partnered with RedRover, an organization that helps animals rescued from disasters …

The holidays are supposed to be merry, but it’s a little hard to remember that when you’ve got your Aunt Jan in one ear and your in-laws in the other yappin’ about the pot roast, the green bean casserole that needs to be taken out of the oven and the pies that …

Doug Thornell has been a Redskins fan since he was three, but his heart’s been broken more than once over the team’s performance. Now that they’re this year’s NFC East Division Champions, he and Chase (the world’s furriest Pierre Garçon advocate) are cautiously headed back into the Redskins’ corner. “Whatever …

Good weather is finally here, and so is your weekend. If you’re not invited to any WHCD events, not to worry. There ARE other things happening in DC.

FamousDC would like to know who actually lives in the dog house.

Tennessee legislators unable to conduct the people’s business until they first find out who keeps letting the dogs in the building. [via NR]

No, seriously … This picture was recently taken at Dulles Airport. [complete with fire hydrant] But please — no smoking! h/t RH

In honor of Veterans Day. Mental Floss: Dogs Welcoming Home Soldiers h/t – Amanda Carpenter