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The holidays are supposed to be merry, but it’s a little hard to remember that when you’ve got your Aunt Jan in one ear and your in-laws in the other yappin’ about the pot roast, the green bean casserole that needs to be taken out of the oven and the pies that need to be warmed. Then there’s Grandma telling you that the table still needs to be set because the rest of your cousins are going to be over in 13 minutes. And Grandpa? He’s trying to watch tv.

Know who’s not barking at you (although they have every right to be)? Your fur child. So here’s an ode to the family members that keep you sane when all your other relatives are acting a little too wild.

Special shout to our Famous friends: Herbert “Herbie” Walker, the “good boy”, Annie and Kobi, Delta, Cava, Grace, Hammer, Lucille, Peter, Mattie, Tibbet, Daphne and the Atkinson pups!