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The House will go into a rare closed session Thursday night to debate a controversial electronic surveillance legislation. Even way more exciting than that … It is the first closed session since 1983 and only the fifth in congressional history. [boo-yah] During the session, the chamber will discuss an update …

Daniel Reilly: Bill Gates to Testify Before Congress — March 12, House Science and Technology Committe

Kucinich, a fundraising machine $689K in 7 weeks

Lawrence Lessig Forms Exploratory Committee for Lantos Seat His blog His book His other book And another One more His Wikipedia entry His web site He must have been thinking about this for a while Draft Lessig for Congress Facebook Group $200 says he’s on the House Judiciary Committee…

Bres: Democrats set pro forma sessions to avoid ‘special session’ on FISA

Shore Good To Know You, Wayne In MD-01, state Sen. Andy Harris (R) defeated Rep. Wayne Gilchrest (R)

McGrane: Mortgage woes yield high interest on Hill

Bres: Sebelius is up now And gosh, she was terrifically boring. Today, I went from Barack Obama to George Bush to Kathleen Sebelius, and I seemed like I was going downhill in rhetorical ability-o-meter. Wow. …but, he does kiss Rahm’s Ring: Rahm sums up the Bush speech pretty well

doesn’t like West Va. football The House is taking up two resolutions today to honor college-football teams, which in my opinion is at least one too many. But the assertion in the resolution that the WVU had to “overcome adversity” to win the Fiesta Bowl doesn’t really make it for …

TONIGHT: President Bush’s Last State of Union Address McCain plans to skip – will stay in Florida to campaign; Clinton and Obama both plan to attend Lou Cannon and Carl Cannon: “We believe that George W. Bush can be meaningfully compared to Ronald Reagan.” Bush speech will seek to calm …

O’Connor: Issa’s deep pockets Issa promises to make up the difference of $400K pledge to NRCC. Founder of the Viper car alarm, his net worth was last estimated to be more than $140 million.

Subpoena for Knoblauch still not served

McGrane: Dodd’s back with a big, new housing proposal

Rick Maurano to head up Frank’s Financial Services Committee