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The House will go into a rare closed session Thursday night to debate a controversial electronic surveillance legislation.

Even way more exciting than that …

It is the first closed session since 1983 and only the fifth in congressional history. [boo-yah]

During the session, the chamber will discuss an update to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that has been gridlocked for months over the issue of granting immunity to telecom companies who aided the government in the wake of the Sept. 11.

So why the super secret session?

According to Leader Hoyer:

“Mr. Blunt stated that Members in the Minority believe they have information relevant to the debate on FISA that cannot be publicly discussed,” Hoyer said. “The majority agreed to Mr. Blunt’s request so that the Members may hear this information in a secret session that will proceed for one hour.”

I guess no live-blogging on this tonight.  Dammit.