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Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon act out plays written by children who were given the inspiration of the title, “Magic Mike”.

Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler reunite for a session of “Really?!”

Relax. It’s only Monday; and if you don’t stop overthinking everything you will have an aneurysm by Friday. Am I jinxing myself by talking about aneurysms? What causes aneurysms? What if aneurisms run in my family? I’ve got to call and ask Dad. Shoot, did I remember to call Dad …

A man of many talents: Chris Pratt finds out what it’s like to walk a mile in women’s shoes. Literally.

The strangest video you’ll watch today, but the dude is rocking a pretty sweet sweater. h/t Raffety

NFL sent out a warning about faking injuries today.

We get all of our news from “the Onion” and from what we can tell, it’s not looking good for Democrats. WASHINGTON—According to recent media reports, Democrats stand to lose as many as 8,000 congressional seats and more than 917 gubernatorial races in November’s midterm elections. “Republicans are poised to …

Today’s most notable Facebook status update: h/t MS