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Architecture firms making DC more fun [and more secure] Spike is going to Miami [bienvenidos a Miami] Scary Capitol shooting this weekend [was a suicide] Rendering courtesy of Kube Architecture, via Washingtonian

Jennifer Steinhauer wrote an gorgeous guide to a weekend exploring the greater Capitol Hill neighborhood as part of their famous 36 Hours series. Now you can brag to your friends from out of town that all your favorite places are now justified by the Gray Lady herself. We went ahead and mapped it for you below with her perspective at every location so you can rediscover the magic that is D.C.

Not feeling reading a 50 page policy paper in your office on a Friday? Want to get off Capitol Hill for a couple hours, but also want it known that you’re doing legitimate work? If you’re working in government and want to save the world (I’m looking at you, almost everyone in DC), check out this amazing day of startup government focused talks at 1776 tomorrow. Register now or read on.

Grace Ma captured this incredible view of a stormcloud-surrounded U.S. Capitol building. Make what metaphors you wish about stormclouds over the Capitol, this is an awesome photo.

Now go out there and get your red, white and blue on. Have fun and stay safe. Photo by John Sonderman

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Douche in DC: Tourists on the Town We all see tourists and can recognize them on the spot, whether it be because they are holding up a map, standing on the left, or wearing the obnoxious Capital tour stickers. However, sometimes they don’t do themselves any favors. This douchy tourist …