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Local DC filmmaker Eulonda Lea has created a short about the sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrific X2 line called “Ode to Rosa.” She says everything that happens in the 11 minute film really happened while she was riding the X2. via

Update: We’d also like to point out that the logo is a fallacy. That’s not an illustration of a “rose.” It’s a hibiscus. According to the campaign, they’re second guessing the placement of the photo. [The wheels on the bus go round and round.] “You know after it was picked up …

They still don’t get it. It has happened again. A rider photographed a Metro bus driver texting while behind the wheel. The photos first appeared on the website Another firing. h/t MH

California Democrat Xavier Becerra learned a valuable lesson yesterday. “I understand I have tire tracks on my back because Xavier threw me under the bus,” witnesses quoted Pelosi as saying. [my bad] Don’t ever cross Nancy Pelosi.

Spotted at DC Blogs : The Heights Life DC pens An Open Letter to the DC Circulator and John Lisle from the DC Dept. of Transportation responds.

It might be soon be dubbed the greatest social media experience on wheels — and you’re invited. It’s called the Tech Adventure , and it’s a first-ever attempt to take the "i" out of iPhone and give like-minded digital media experts the things what "we" want: adventure and booze. Trust …

Kal Penn Kalpen Modi started his new job at the White House today, and besides the fact that he’s a Hollywood celebrity working in the White House, would like you to know that he’s just a normal guy.  And normal guys ride the bus. [and rent] Good luck, Kalpen.