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It might be soon be dubbed the greatest social media experience on wheels — and you’re invited.

It’s called the Tech Adventure , and it’s a first-ever attempt to take the "i" out of iPhone and give like-minded digital media experts the things what "we" want: adventure and booze.

Trust us, it sounds too good to be true — because it is.

This isn’t your typical tech summit where you tell your loved one that you have to head to Pittsburgh to bench press the modern revolution in order to ensure that Twitter continues to play a vital role in our political landscape.  This is the mobile tech experience in which you tell your loved one, "hey, come along this time."

This isn’t, "hey I’m bailing on break-out session C sub section 1A, so meet me at the hotel bar."  This IS the hotel bar – but on wheels.  So do what feels right, and get your tickets now!

If it’s not on your calander, it’s likely on your friends, so get to it and grab your tickets today.  There’s no better way to spend a Saturday in August, trust us.