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It’s graduation season again and NPR has published a compendium of the best commencement speeches dating back to 1774. You can sort by terms like “YOLO,” or by year and speaker. If it’s got a YouTube video, it’s there for you to watch. This is a good tool to bookmark …

The only way to make it through Monday’s activities without being sober. Print and post at your office viewing party for maximum fun.

Matthew Cooper is still feeling it almost 24 hours later. The Atlantic: Bono, Politician I saw U2 last night at FedEx field near Washington, D.C. You had to be awed by the spectacle of the show, the 360 degree video screen and stage set, dubbed the claw, the 90,000 fans … / CC BY-NC 2.0 Things overheard at the U2 concert at FedEx Field: "We had to miss Muse because I was writing talking points for my boss … she’s meeting with an Ambassador tomorrow." — girl walking to stadium and explaining her integral role in our democracy to friends …

Gates: “I thought U2 was an airplane.”

Bono meets Pentagon chief Robert Gates to discuss poverty

The U2 legend is back at it on Capitol Hill today. If you spot him, email us at tips AT famousdc dot com.