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In what’s becoming an annual event, FamousDC teamed up last night with the American Gaming Association to tip off  March Madness mayhem. Political debate was set aside for the most important contest of the evening – the NCAA basketball tournament. Guests mingled, buzzers beat and brackets busted as large screen TVs …

Bloomberg reporter Elizabeth Lopatto will only take your pitch calls if it concerns dinosaurs. Best beat ever.

Bloomberg launches new election blog [slick] Dems release new mobile app [DNC] Obama’s newest BFF [not Romney] Olympic pole vaulting is hard [bloopers] Mayor Gray linked to Clinton peeps [interesting Photoshop job] By Frinkiac

Yes, we realize that headline was a stretch to get Jay-Z lyrics on FamousDC, but it’s hard to keep the attention of Patrick Reis and Jason Plautz. Bloomberg announced today that it’s buying Alrington-based BNA for $990 million.

The best basketball player in the White House Press Corps, Hans Nichols asks all the the tough questions. h/t Matt Dornic

He’s scheduled to make his first offer tomorrow. The Hill’s Molly Hooper: Bloomberg to address House GOP

This is what happens when you’re not allowed to eat at the National Prayer Breakfast? Fishbowl Post 1: It’s a nasty, snarly morning over at Bloomberg. Edwin Chen,of Bloomberg News, calls out Roll Call’s White House correspondent Keith Koffler for not showing up. Fishbowl Post 2: Keith Koffler has a …

Forget 2Pac and Biggie. Glenn Thrush takes us to the front lines of the ongoing Harlem battle. Politico: Bloomberg v. Rangel over Harlem crack

If the government cannot handle flight exercises, do we really want them picking our doctors?  [Obama pissed.  Gibbs blames FAA] This leads us to another question. Which was dumber?(online surveys)

NY Post’s Page Six: Pamela Anderson wore a see-through top! Pneumatic “Baywatch” babe Pam Anderson – a guest of Mayor Bloomberg – made a jaw-dropping entrance at the Willard Hotel with her revealing outfit. “[She wore] short shorts and a see-through top,” our spy said. “You could completely see her …

Under oath, Bloomberg dodges White House run query Bloomberg, who was a longtime Democrat, switched to the Republican Party to run for mayor in 2001. He won twice, spending more than $150 million of his own money, then dropped his party affiliation in June last year.