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#1: Ted’s Bulletin Frosty mugs for their home brewed beers, thick spiked milkshakes, and breakfast served all day…how much better can it really get? Ted’s Bulletin is a signature go to restaurant up on 8th Street, SE. It gives an old fashioned speakeasy vibe that caters to everyone’s style ensuring …

Spotted at Backstage, Inc. on 8th Street, SE

When your mobile phone company moves out in the middle of the night. Cricket Boost Mobile moved out of their 8th Street SE location late Friday night. By Saturday morning there was nothing left but a “For Rent” sign.

Spotted on Capitol Hill’s 8th Street

Megan McArdle: Night Life Clusters I’ve always been fascinated by the way businesses cluster, even retail stores.  You tend to get multiple clothing shops, home improvement stores, and so forth in a relatively small area, especially when there’s high population density–New York City has an entire area that’s just chock …

Does Ali McSherry have the best job in DC? Mug Shots: Happy Hour’s Even Happier When You Drink Outdoors