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Y’all be careful out there tonight. See you in 2011.

It seems like just yesterday. Nobody can drive. People are leaving work early. Safeway is out of food. Send us fun snow pics and we’ll put them up on the site. Hit us up at [email protected]. Remember, stay calm!

We love flash mobs as much as the next person, but not when they interrupt our Monday evening commute. Flashmobs have gone from edgy (no pants, silent dancing, zombies) to just plain ol’ cute. Now a Facebook group (along with Twitter hashtag #MetroCarols) is organizing folks to go flashmob caroling, …

We hope you enjoy our favorite day of the year. Tune in to for real time Election Day madness updates.

Someone might want to teach Gibbs the definition of a good poker face. Gibbs Admits Republicans Could ‘Gain Control’ of House And now FamousDC will be the first blog to transition an update from Robert Gibbs to a performance by Lady Gaga.

Politico’s Full 2010 Election Coverage Politics Daily: Tuesday Primary Election Results: Will the Incumbents Survive? Real Clear Politics The Fix: Incumbent Armageddon? Hotline On Call

According to Paul Bedard, Charlie Cook recently eluded that the Democrats could suffer a 30-40 seat lost in November, stating, “it could be worse if the current anti-incumbent and anti-Democrat trend continues. Republicans need to pick up 41 seats to take back the majority.” [Washington Whispers] Asked about it yesterday, …

In case you’re wondering why your Republican friends aren’t responding to your emails today — it’s because they’re doing keg stands at CPAC. And if they’re at CPAC, that means they will be partaking in the annual straw poll. The choices, as listed in order on the ballot: Mississippi Gov. …

Welcome back. We hope you had a great holiday break and didn’t have to spend too much time un-tagging yourself in NYE pictures on Facebook. 2010 is here. Still no hoverboards .

DJ Earworm and FamousDC wish you happy 2010.

Did you sneak out any press releases on Christmas? [debt limit ] Did you make the fantasy football playoffs & barely lose in the semi-finals because of a kicker? [damn it Longwell ] Did you survive the DC blizzard? [thunder snow ] Did you tear up during the presentation? [Heisman …

Will readers of The Hollywood Reporter review The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful of 2010? Could the hottest hill staffers turn heads in Hollywood? The owner of Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill is buying the Hollywood Reporter TheWrap: Hollywood Reporter Set to be Sold to ‘Who’s Who’s’ Finkelstein h/t Ted Hearn