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Each year National Press Foundation toasts the best in journalism and FamousDC was there to celebrate.

It’s here! The moment you’ve (we’ve) been waiting, like, all week for. Our latest joyride around DC proves our theory that you can’t survive a single day on just one cup of coffee.

We owe a huge thanks to you all, you’ve been great! And we can’t wait to see you in 2-0-1-8

In an exclusive interview, FamousDC sat down with a group of individuals claiming to be followers and staunch believers of Santa Claus. Here’s a preview of what these sources are saying about the magic of the holidays.

Welcome to FamousDC’s Morning Commute – our series where we give Washingtonians a little break from their morning frustrations that is DC traffic and give them a lift. In this episode, we meet Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States where he talks paw-licy, paw-ternity …

FamousDC Brings Back Newspapers Media outlet works hard to bring people the news they need and want Washington, DC – FamousDC again hit the streets to pass out hundreds of copies of the second edition of its exclusive print newspaper. The second edition features an analysis of networking coffee conversations, …

FamousDC held a press conference after hosting an NFL Kickoff with the American Gaming Association. It went, well, just how you’d imagine any press conference going.

What happens when you give a bunch of kids more cookies than they’ve ever dreamed of? Kidding Around: Barracks Row | How to Halloween 

Thank you to everyone that came by for some free root beer floats made by Goodies Frozen Custard and Treats, and the latest FamousDC newspaper!

FamousDC’s Famous Five with Bret Baier Bret Baier isn’t just a news anchor in real life, he’s also a news anchor in the latest season of House of Cards – which is pretty much real life. We sat down with Bret and discussed his golf game, the best mean tweet …

  If a 37-year-old man shows up at your doorstep and asks you for an internship, should you give it to him? No. The answer is no. We learned that the hard way when we gave Josh, a 37-year-old from Alabama, a shot at an internship in Washington, DC. We …

Famous Five – Association of American Railroads Former New York Jet Keith Fitzhugh knows firsthand that the Association of American Railroads is working every day to keep America on track. Watch our #FamousFive with Keith to find out how #FreightRailWorks for you!

Can we put a cap on this playoff series so the Washington Capitals​ can just win the dang Stanley Cup?