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Vietnam Memorial Colors by Angela Pan.

The pride of Andover, NJ and Perona Farms gets his birthday photo taken by Speaker Boehner. Happy birthday Bryant Avondoglio. Photo by Heather Reed

Cherry Blossom Panorama by Navin Sarma

100 Years After by Patrick G. Ryan of SnarkInfested

Tree Trimming by GDL The Assist by Chris Mickey The Perfect Approach by Ryan Howell Hello Capitol by Adam Wells Balcony Landing by Juliet Johnson Close Up by Archie Smart From a Distance by thephotoweaver Instashuttle by Eric Wilson Spotted on Capitol Hill by Mike Lurie

Jeremy Art kicks off opening day.

Congressional Spring Sunset by Jeremy Art

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A peak through the blossoms. Photo by Jim Billimoria

The Cherry Blossoms are blossoming. [h/t Katie Harbath]

Our good friend Angela Pan wowed the internet again yesterday with this amazing photo of the U.S. Capitol Building. Be sure to check out her website for more amazing photos.

Paul Singer bids farewell to former Roll Call colleague Neda Semnani during his going away party at Lounge 201 on Capitol Hill. Singer departs to for USA Today to be their new politics editor.

Awesome Capitol Pics Pics courtesy of Mary Leschper