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We could not be prouder that the Supreme Court ruled that it’s unconstitutional to deny marriage license to same-sex couples in all states. Love wins. We’ve created some swag to commemorate the occasion, which you can purchase here.

President Barack Obama slapped down White House heckler during his speech at the LGBT Pride Month event that took place at the White House. Society6 has just released their new Obama “You’re In My House” political t-shirt in response to this event! Buy HERE!

It seems like everyday we have a new politician announcing their candidacy for the 2016 presidential race. Is there some sort of unwritten guide that us common folk haven’t cued in on? We nailed down a few key steps that will surely have you on your way to joining the federal government as an elected official, whether in the Oval Office or House Office Buildings.

Any ordinary American citizen considering running for President might make a list of pros and cons on the subject. It should be no surprise that everyone’s favorite candidate Donald Trump did the same, but hold on to your hairpieces folks, because Famous DC obtained the EXCLUSIVE SWOT analysis from the …

While we all know it is not unusual for some male lobbyists to lack serious boundaries with female Hill staffers, there is a growing trend among K Streeters that seems to circumvent professionalism…and enraged me enough to delay writing a constituent letter or two, and write this. In the past …

Sure, there are 12,583 Republicans contemplating running for President this year – at FamousDC, we’re more concerned with where the top digital strategists will land.

When you work on the Hill, certain tasks can take over the time you spend at the job. We polled current and former staff, asking them how their time is spent at work. This is what we found out.

So you want to be a DC journalist? Before wading into the unknown, take a spin around the DC Journo Board and see if you’re able to escape with your dignity intact. Look out for angry flacks, disgruntled Members of Congress and the occasional unfriendly editor. If you’re lucky, you’ll hop a …