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Redneck Genius

Redneck Genius

Famous congratulations go out to Evan McMorris-Santoro and Jenny Towns who tied the knot this past weekend in Bethany Beach, DE with some interesting vows: They vowed to roll their eyes with each other and not at each other. Evan is the national political reporter for TPM and Jenny Towns …

Go tell him happy birthday on Twitter.

Congressional Federal Credit Union’s Twitter Feed started Tweeting about acai berry last night. And then we got this secret message: Hey somebody is saying terrible things about you…  

For some reason, it feels like we’ve seen this before. Scott Brown Mr. Perfect

Paul Bedard: Obama anti-obesity “slush fund” paid for pet spaying Yes! We finally figured out how to get a Game of Thrones reference on FamousDC. #GolfClap

Our favorite: $200 of the 3 inch diameter, $600 roll of drug money wedged in the ashtray.

Drew Geraci spent 7 months going through an old asylum right outside of DC that was abandoned nearly 21 years ago.

Of course that was an employee made video bragging about wasteful government spending at the infamous GSA Conference.

Children reactions to political news issues.

The new online journalism kid on the block, The Washington Free Beacon, has unleashed its “truth monkey” on the Supreme Court this morning. And if you think primates can’t tweet, you’d be wrong.

It seems the lack of air-conditioning at the NRCC isn’t preventing them from making funny videos.  

This was originally published on April 24, 2008, but because it’s Cherry Blossom season and we love to recycle, we figured it was time to re-post it. Also, we love DC. We really do. Remember, this is satire. Be sure to join the FamousDC fun on Facebook & Twitter Rules …

You know that guy in your fantasy football league that really “doesn’t get it?” We all know him. You send him crazy trades just hoping that he might one day accept one. What if that guy owned an NFL team? Adam Schefter: Redskins get No. 2 pick from Rams Pic …