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Kathryn Lyons

FamousDC was spotted on the hill today… Noelle Clemente took the phrase “break a leg” a little too literally. But hey, thanks for the free advertisement.

Welcome to FAQS (Famously Asked Questions).  Q. What is it? A. Another idea we had to set out and find people and ask them questions that don’t have much to do with anything. Q. Why? A. Because. Q. Was this helpful? A. Not really… just watch.

There was a Sweet Sixteen in town and the guest of honor was Peter Mirijanian Public Affairs. PMPA celebrated its 16th anniversary of hard work and success the only way it knew how – with a party. The event took place last night at Teddy & The Bully Bar in Dupont Circle

Tommy McFly has a face for radio AND TV – although you might recognize his voice before you recognize his face. 94.7 Fresh FM’s Tommy McFly is no stranger to the DC community. Not only can he and his pals, Kelly Collis and Jen Richer, keep you awake on your morning commute, but

  There’s no shortage of opinions surrounding today’s big question. Who is going to win Super Tuesday? Political pundits, journalists, lawmakers, and even your next door neighbor have been gathering around the Keurig predicting tonight’s results while simultaneously insulting anyone that disagrees. Sounds really boring. Here’s what our National Toddler Correspondents have to say.  

  Mike Lurie is here to make your Monday morning a magical experience. Now go out and crush today.  

Patrick Gavin is good at a lot of things: Directing, cooking, giving to those in need, losing his own bets. The list goes on. Scoring an interview with the President? Not one of them, but GOSH DARNIT he’s trying and he’s dedicated 500 days to proving it. We interviewed Patrick to find out the method behind

If there’s anyone the 2016 candidates could take a lesson from, it’s Patrick Gavin– He’s a guy who doesn’t give up. We know this, the Washington Post knows this and it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the world knows this and maybe, just maybe, he’ll soon be

We don’t know how the votes are going to pan out in South Carolina today, but we think it will go something like this:   Yeah, this is definitely accurate.

The National Press Foundation recently celebrated forty years of distinguished journalism which was a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our distinguished journalistic skills as well.

Valentine’s Day. We either love it or we love to hate it, but one thing we can agree on is that here in D.C., we will definitely politicize it. We’re real suckers for love here at FamousDC and didn’t think that the millions of Valentine’s Day cards out there were enough to

Geoff Tracy is one of DC’s most notable community members. The founder and owner of some of DC’s most successful restaurants, author, and most importantly, a loyal husband and father of three. Naturally, we thought this was all too good to be true and had to find out for ourselves

On Friday night, SOME (So Others Might Eat) hosted its 13th annual Jr. Gala, and let’s just say that if thirteen is supposed to be an unlucky number, SOME turned it into gold. The Gala was completely sold out for its second year in a row, and a quick glance

Ah, the day every presidential poll admirer has been waiting for is finally here. The FIRST primary of the 2016 election is just hours away from being held in New Hampshire, but Tommy McFly and Kathryn Lyons just couldn’t wait until tonight for the results. So they decided to troll poll the

SOME (So Others May Eat) is uniting DC’s most engaged and sociable young professionals for its 13th annual Jr. Gala THIS Friday evening. BUY YOUR TICKETS TO SOME’S JR GALA RIGHT HERE SOME is a DC-based organization that helps homeless and underserved community members throughout our nation’s capital. By sponsoring services