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Weather: You thought you’d just roll right into spring without winter, didn’t you? Well, that’s not the case – at least for this weekend, as DC is back on track toward winter temperatures. The rest of today will see clouds and a slight breeze with highs in the mid 40s and an evening in the low 30s – made just for your winter peacoat. Saturday and Sunday will see sun and some clouds, and on the upside, less wind! The highs will remain low – in the mid 40s – and the lows will drop even lower, in the the 30s on both days.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Should we pretend we’re surprised about these weekend Metro closures?; Bluegrass is always a good idea, and the 9:30 Club has you covered tonight with the Infamous Stringdusters; Or you can broaden your horizons at the Black Cat tonight with a very special local songwriters showcase; If you’re still standing after all of that, Flash presents a stacked lineup of DJ’s tonight; For a more classical weekend, the Kennedy Center’s calendar is full of amazing events; What would a weekend in DC be without emboldened action? The annual March for Life takes place today; DC Winter Restaurant Week kicks off on Sunday so make your reservations, like, yesterday


Bubba Atkinson

Managing Editor at Axios

“Everyone in DC likes to be the first to the story, and like FamousDC, I like to be different, so let’s be the last to the stories of the past week”


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Well this interview didn’t exactly go as planned; For the belle of the ball on a budget, look no further; In no way does this make us feel better, Metro; In contrast, we feel extremely good about this adorable baby seal at the National Zoo; OMG we def couldn’t “resist” that view either; This cake controversy ends with a charitable donation; Finally, a simple, feel-good headline; Don’t let go of those fitness resolutions just yet! Here’s a list of free (or super-cheap) ways to keep at it in DC; We can’t say “DC Winter Restaurant Week” fast enough! Here’s a guide for the hangriest of Washingtonians.


This war on cute zoo animals is the greatest thing to happen on the internet since basically ever; Move over, Alexa, there can only be one REAL ALEXA in this house; This ad is either an insult to pregnant couples or the Dutch; Here’s something that’ll bring both parties together to LOL across the aisle; Deadspin is really Cruzin for a bruisin‘; When you can say you learned to crawl in the White House, you’re pretty much set for life; We found where comedians go for coffee.

From Bubba:  We’ve seen our first full week since the launch of Axios, where we learned from Mike Allen’s new series ‘Trump 101’ that Trump reads stories about himself like I read FamousDC when Taz puts me in. And speaking of the president, no ‘post-inauguration week’ internet is complete without a viral ‘note on receipt’ story – I dare you to find a story with more shares than one that starts with conflicting political views and ends with a $450 tip and an uplifting note written on a receipt.


We’ve already predicted the winner of the Super Bowl using a bowl of salsa

Can you identify this Metro stop?

These three photos pretty much sum up last week

We’re on the scene… the #SocialSeen that is. Join in on the fun!

We salute you, Howard Mortman (and C-SPAN)

Here are several reasons why you should never, EVER move to DC

Capture the city through your lens and share your view with the world!


“General rule of life: more Charlie, less me.” – Bubba





Famous birthday wishes to Virginia Beckett Rodman, Alex Rafla, Sen. Thomas Carper, Arin Grant, Gabe Razznack, Phil Beshara, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Ted Greener, Howard Mortman, Rep. John Garamendi, Melissa Murphy, Jen Hing, Rep. Steve Chabot, Mallory Hunter, Monica Popp, Rep. Mike Thompson, Vicky Blooston, Brianne Clary, Bianca Padilla, Rep. Xavier Becerra, Tyler Mittelberg, Rep. Eric Crawford, Roxanne Williams, Rep. Andy Harris, William Wise, Rep. Bill Pascrell, Tomas Trnka, Sarah Slaper, Patrick Chung, Ashley Leising, Max Miller, Hayden Wilson, Morgan Fraraccio, Nick Williamson, Tamara Lyons and Rep. Albio Sires.


This week’s ‘Toughest Dude in DC’ award goes to Sean Spicer. Godspeed; Howard Mortman is taking this mid-life crisis pretty well; John Scofield and Doug Heye are going to teach Kathryn Lyons how to saber champagne; We hope Lauren Hagen, Paige Gress, Marie Formica and everyone on the PIC is enjoying some sleep!; Congratulations to National Restaurant Association’s Dawn Sweeny and Cicely Simpson on their recent accolades!; Congrats as well to Intl. Franchise Association’s Robert Cresanti on his recent recognition; Speaking of IFA, we wish Matt Haller would give us a heads up next time he brings Chick-fil-A and Dunkin’ Donuts; That vanilla ice cream looked delicious, Phil Beshara and Erick Sanchez; Happy birthday to Kristin Fisherhand’s special pup!; We like bacon nachos too, Geoff Tracy; Does Brenna Williams actually know Jake Wilkins though?; Dear Charlotte Savercool: January is almost over; Will Allison has fresh new kicks; #CuresNow in Vogue is everything cc: Jenn Sherman, Macey Sevcik, Becky Card, Paige Decker, Carly McWilliams, and on and on; Ask Mallory Hunter if Koji got her a birthday present; Sending good weekend vibes to Christian Dibblee; Clyde McGrady and Sam Buzaid are both champs; Tommy McFly is photogenic and all, but Mr. Troy and Chip McFly are really giving him a run for his money; We currently have Big Macs on the brain thanks to Jeremy Kirkpatrick; Matt Lira dominated the speaking circuit this week; Hello, Joe Pounder; Are you out there, Allison Cunningham?; David Schnittger has some sick guitar skills; Does anyone know if Chris Taylor is a Pats fan?; Ed Mullen doesn’t return text messages anymore; Does Robert Bobo have Google alerts set up?; RIP Armand’s; Leave your child’s mullet alone, Troy Lyons; Does Ellie Hall read this far down?

From Bubba: Huge congrats to a lot of smart and motivated people on the Axios team for a crazy good first week; Happy travels – Anton Vuljaj has discontinued consulting for almost everyone to focus on Haglund’s Deformity awareness – Lol jk he’s still consulting; Carl Sceusa and Megan Foote will be disappointed though; Axios editor Nick Johnston’s caps lock is broken; Justin Green got a birthday Bud Light tall boy with a candle because they were out of Busch Light; Kayla Cook said she’d Slack me but then emailed me; Rob Groulx won a ‘fit battle against a legendary politician by wearing acid wash jeans; The last texts in the Mike Haidet fan club are still about Teakwood; Colin Chocola and Jimmy Kirkpatrick think Minions already made America great; Dave Jorgenson is having a “Tool Time” party, Kenny Wassus won’t make it though; Last but not least – I think my dog likes my fiancee Sam Smith more than me now.



Buzzfeed welcomes Steven Perlberg, most recently with the Wall Street Journal, to its team to cover the Trump Administration. The National Republican Congressional Committee has announced John Rogers as its new Executive Director. Emma Nelson will serve as Finance Director and Matt Gorman, most recently with the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, joins as Communications Director. Ted Peterson and Sean Philbin will serve as Digital Director and Research Director, respectively. Philbin previously worked with American Crossroads and the Senate Leadership Fund during the 2016 cycle. The NRCC has also promoted Joe Pileggi to Political Director. Congratulations everyone!  Political reporter at Bloomberg Kevin Cirilli will also now serve as chief Washington correspondent for Bloomberg TV. Marie Harf joins Fox News Channel as a contributor to focus on political analysis and national security policy. Prior to this, Harf was senior advisor for strategic communications to Secretary of State John Kerry. Meredith Jones joins the office of Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) from her most recent post as communications director for Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV). Julia Hahn makes a move from Breitbart to the White House to serve as a special assistant to the President. Jenny Parker joins Conservation International as Vice President of Media. Liz Johnson makes a move from her role as communications director for former Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) to the Dept. of Homeland Security’s office of public affairs. CSRA announced three new hires; Thomas Doheny, Jay Hauck and Alexandra Veitch, who will serve as director of media relations, director of communications & CMO and vice president of government relations, respectively. Anna Yukhananov, formerly with Reuters, joins Morning Consult as an editor to focus on health and energy issues. Kristine Telford, most recently senior director at The Herald Group, joins EEI as director of external affairs. Hustle is opening a Washington office. Zach Fang, former field director for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign in Iowa, Oklahoma and Maryland, will lead the effort alongside Max Kamin-Cross. Extending a big congratulations to Shealah Craighead on being announced as the new White House photographer. Craighead also served as a staff photographer for President George W. Bush. And finally, this Sunday 1/29, NBC News will air a primetime special, “Tom Brokaw at NBC New: The First 50 Years,” in celebration of Brokaw’s 50th anniversary with the network.


Until next year, January.