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Friday Round Up

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Weather: Welp, it looks like it will literally be raining on Donald Trump’s parade, but that won’t put a damper on this weekend’s festivities. If you’re attending outside events today, bring your rain boots (or an ark), but do be aware that umbrellas and other items are prohibited at Inauguration and some related festivities. The chance for rain is ultra high today and temperatures will be flirting with the 50s. Whether you’re marching, brunching or both, on Saturday expect cloudy but dry skies and highs in the mid 50s. Sunday will bring us right back to where we started with more rain and temps in the low 50s. Do your best to stay dry, DC!

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: If you’re joining the Women’s March on Washington tomorrow, march to these women owned bars right after; WaPo has essential Inauguration details for your weekend planning; Get a selfie with our new POTUS (or a wax figure that looks pretty legit); CRUCIAL info for anyone seeking late-night nightcaps this weekend; A full day’s play at the Kennedy Center is a perfect escape from Inauguration crowds; Or for an evening of Chinese performance art and dance with Shen Yun, the Kennedy Center also has you covered; Also unrelated to the Inauguration, this Iranian film festival kicks off on Sunday


Patrick Gavin


We first met Patrick Gavin a year ago while he was in the middle of a 500 day mission to score an interview with President Obama. 500 days later, he’s still searching for that interview. Sad.


Do you have what it takes to survive Inauguration Day 2017? Here’s everything you need to knowAre all of these road closures giving you a headache? Here’s the internet’s version of Advil (take it ahead of time); After the Women’s March, march your way to these women-owned restaurantsThanks to those who decided to rent out their apartments this week, AirBnB are the ones having a ballWhether you’re mourning or celebrating, these DC bars and restaurants have you covered all night.



2016 was the hottest year on record and it has nothing to do with the election; That awkward moment when the Chicago Cubs get invited to the White House, but the president is a White Sox fan; This winter weather couldn’t stand being apart from the Obamas so it decided to go with them; Check out these bros who ran the East Wing; Friendship. Goals.; If you don’t have anything nice to say, make sure it’s all over social mediaThis is terrifying, but not the scariest thing to come out of Florida.



It’s never too early to wait in line for inauguration

This Hill bar is donating part of its weekend earnings to charity

Hawaii is really far. Save money by visiting this 14th Street bar instead

What goes great with happy hour? Live entertainment!

This one time, Newt Gingrich hailed a cab

This “Old” bar should be on your late-night list this weekend

Here’s how DC did Inauguration back in 2009

Not only did we pay for our wall, we painted it too

Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King jr.


Whether you’re out in the crowds or “working from home” (we know you aren’t working), FamousDC‘s Inaugural bingo is the perfect way to pay attention and still have fun. Plus, you only need one hand to play, so you can still hold a drink with the other.



Famous birthday wishes to Caroline Holman, Bee Frederick, Erin Lange, Jonathan Grella, Rep. Diane Black, Betty White, Rep. Elijah Cummings, Michelle Obama, Rep. Kay Granger, Del. Gregorio Sablan, Rep. Kevin Cramer, A special, special shout out to our birthday favorite, Erin Veltman, Karen Howell, Hunter Chappell, Ralph D’Elia, Lindsey Smith, Mike Welsh, Rebecca Overmyer, Kristina Cruz Bolling, Oscar Carrera, Paul Mandelson, Joey Mathias and Joe Brierton.


FamousDC is braving the road closures, getting stuck in traffic and strapping on our rain boots so you don’t have to. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat (TheFamousDC) for all things Inauguration Day 2017!

Congrats to the entire Axios team on a huge week!; Speaking of Axios, special congrats to Bubba Atkinson, Caitlin Owens, Claire Kennedy and Rob Groulx on being extremely awesome individuals; Jonathan Grella‘s hospitality is top notch, moon bounce included; Lisa Leonard will be the belle of every ball she attends this weekend; We hope Jack Smith is finding time to sleep between being THE family man and the man in general; Don’t forget a spoon for your coffee at Inauguration, Kathryn Lyons; Sarah Gunion‘s pre-march meet-up is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood; Congratulations to Paige Gress, Paul SorensenPaul MandelsonLauren Hagen, Marie Formica and everyone who has worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth and successful Inauguration; Give Sarah Ellenberger a high five if you see her. Why? Because she’s awesome; Is Andrew Becker going to find his future wife at the Women’s March on Saturday?; Congrats to Gerrit Lansing on his new gig as WH digital officer; Does Lippi Doshi read this email?; Janet Donovan is literally everywhere, all the time; Roy Schwartz knows how to hustle; The District welcomes back William Allison!; How long will it take Ted Prill to respond to our email?; Dave Tate is our favorite Steelers fan; Don Seymour still has the best beard in DC; Taz Jones is the best direction-giver! Just ask him about his nickname; How many times has “It’s a Small World” gotten stuck in Nathan Imperiale’s head?; Why doesn’t Jonah Van Why like using two computer screens? Sarah Ghessie loves Comcast; Zac Smith still loves cable; Is Mark Borelli brunching this weekend or nah?; Amanda Street‘s hair looked fantastic on C-SPAN; Sean Hayes’ Snapchat snark game is on point; Meghan Burris is a great hostess; Thanks for being so organized, Emily Schillinger; Does Dan Schneider have any leftover birthday cookie cake?; Our thoughts are with Matthias Reynolds and Mad Rose Tavern.


Congratulations to Hallie Jackson, who joins NBC News as White House correspondent. Kasie Hunt also joins NBC News as the network’s Capitol Hill correspondent, having previously worked with MSNBC. The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold has a new gig as a CNN contributor. Wesley Lowery also signs on as a contributor, while Abby Phillip and Salena Zito join the team as political analysts. CNN has also promoted Mark Preston to senior political analyst. Best of luck to Kerrie Carr as she makes a move to do other big things from Sen. Jeff Sessions’ (R-AL) office. Gabe Brotman makes a move from his POLITICO post in Brussels to DC to work as the outlet’s new executive director of strategy and growth. Jeremiah Baronberg moves to Blue Star Strategies as senior director for marketing and communications. He makes the switch from his current position at Dentons. Allison Hoffman joins POLITICO as a national editor, where she will focus on the Trump administration. Prior to this, Hoffman worked at Bloomberg Businessweek as a senior editor. McClatchy DC welcomes Alex Roarty and Katie Glueck to its politics team.  Roarty makes the move from CQ Roll Call and Glueck from POLITICO. Rebecca Nelson makes a move from her work covering campaigns for GQ to a new role as senior writer at Cosmopolitan.com. She will focus on political news. The New York Times‘ Jeremy Peters announced he will cover a new beat, the conservative movement in the Trump era. Katie Rogers also joins the NYT DC bureau to cover Trump news. Monica Langley is leaving The Wall Street Journal, where she covered the incoming Trump administration, to join Salesforce Inc. The Daily Beast welcomes Matt Lewis to its team. Lewis most recently worked with The Daily Caller and also serves as a contributor for CNN. And finally, be sure to check out Major Garrett’s weekly podcast “The Takeout,” which launches today to coincide with Inauguration.


58th time’s the charm