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Photo: DJ Jamiel

Weather: Is it just us or is this weather playing hard to get?…Because it’s working. The change in temperature continues as it drops tonight, resulting in a wintry mix that’ll kick off the weekend – and no, we’re not referring to your latest playlist. We’re talking possible rain-turned-snow due to near freezing temps in the wee hours. Ice is likely when you wake up tomorrow and light (freezing) rain is expected throughout the day into Sunday when we’ll be greeted with a few clouds, some sun and highs in the mid 40’s. Bottom line: Brr…it’s gonna be cold out there.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Snazz it up while you jazz it up thanks to this helpful list from DCist; Electro-jam rockers Lotus are lighting up the 9:30 Club all weekend long; Commemorate music legends lost in 2016 direct from the dance floor at this awesome dance party at the Black Cat on Saturday night; Keep it chill on Capitol Hill, or nearby at least. H Street’s Rock and Roll Hotel hosts DC’s premier RHCP cover band this Saturday night; We’re now accepting invites to this exclusive concert with Common and the National; Stop by Union Market on Saturday and Sunday for a West Elm Lab1270 pop up shop and poetry reading to boot. The “Times of Poetry and Wine” sit-and-sip will take place this Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 4pm.


National Beer Wholesalers Association

Walked down the beer aisle recently? If so, you might be wondering how so many different labels make it to your local store shelf or on tap at your favorite neighborhood bar. The answer is America’s 3,000 licensed, independent beer distributors and the industry’s 135,000 employees. Thanks to independent distribution, brewers of all sizes are able to reach new markets and grow, and consumers are enjoying more selection than ever before. Cheers to that!

Learn more over a beer right here.


Inauguration Day might be a week away, but it’s never too early to get in line – even if that means pitching a tent, bringing a sleeping bag and waving an American flag in the middle of downtown DC. We’re bringing the fire this Inauguration Day so stay tuned to FamousDC for all things hot. Don’t believe us? Just watch:


Here’s some info on inaugural road closures next week; For those of you thinking about renting out your place during inauguration week; It’s a Metro Christmas miracle in January! No track work delays this weekend; And let’s keep it that way. DC’s crime rates are steadily dropping; 20 miles? 1 day? All on a bike? Piece of cake! Register now for the 2017 DC Bike Ride; When ya gotta go, ya gotta go; Don’t miss the Magnolia Soirée next week, hosted by the Mississippi State Society. Anyone interested in tickets or learning more can click here; It’s never too early to prepare for the next Snowzilla; You don’t need a tux or gown to take this virtual tour of historic inaugural balls, courtesy of the National Building Museum; Insert fire emoji here. We’re glad everyone at the Watergate is safe and sound!; Our thoughts are with Rep. Cummings’ staffer and her family. Here’s how we can all help.


We promise you’ll love this video. We don’t promise you’ll be productive after watching; Cheer up. It’s not so badThank you, humanityThe Washington Wizards took a break from the court to take a field trip; We already know what happens at the Capitol on Inauguration Day, but do you know what happens at the White House?; Um, best surprise ever? Biden receives Medal of Freedom from Obama; Speak like the President of the United States; Black cats are up for adoption today which is sweet, but also kinda scary; The Bush twins penned a letter to the Obama girls.


We have a Great Wall too and it’s closer than China’s

We want you to do (some of) our work for us next week

The Newseum’s latest exhibit is music to our ears

William Henry Harrison: Long name. Longer inaugural address.

We have our spot for Inauguration Day and we ain’t leaving ’til they kick us out

Anyone that tells you Capitol Hill is easy to navigate is straight up lying 


This weekend we honor one of the most influential figures of all time. A man who dedicated his entire life to not only preaching the power of positivity, but also seeing the good in all humanity. To that we say thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



Famous birthday wishes to Tyler Burr, Jen Wanandi, Caroline Rafferty, Doug Thornell, Nick Butterfield, Rep. Kevin Yoder, Rebecca Heslin Haller, Megan Taylor, Rep. Michael Kapuano, Rep. Bill Shuster, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Amanda Ghessie, Rep. Greg Walden, Sen. Roy Blunt, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Rep. Thomas Massie, Rep. Michael McCaul, Paul Singer, Sara Arff, Andrea Seabrook, Mark Walters, Joe Trauger, Nikki Schwab, Rebecca Berg, Caroline Holman, A dog named Gauge, Reagan Aikins, Brooke Brower, Michelle Fields, Aly Navarro and William Allison.


Don’t miss us too much while you’re having fun in the Big Apple, Meg Baglien! You’re going to be the best Creative Strategy Manager Viacom has ever seen; Brenna Williams can sing better than you can speak English; How’s that new view, Lisa Leonard?; Matt Guenther has mad keyboard skills; Cartoon family portraits are the new thing, Carolina Hurley; We hope everyone obeyed Chef Geoff’s only rule after the holiday party; Ask Shana Teehan and Rachel Holland about the swankiest place on the Hill for coffee; Alex Schriver’s Uber rating will go down by year’s end (and yes, that’s a threat); Someone give Erick Sanchez a rose; We see you out there in National Journal, Andrew Kovalcin; Maybe one day, Jake Wilkins will teach us some yoga; We’re definitely not totally jealous that Katy Ricalde is in Florida right now; Best of luck to Kate Bennett and Hunter Schwarz on their new adventure at CNN!; When is Nicole Tieman going to bring her pup to FamousDC HQ?; Orange and purple look good on you, Amos Snead; No filter is the best filter, Paul Kane; Shoutout to the Yale students who went on a Capitol tour with Rep. Kevin McCarthy; Ask Brad Peck about the Dairy Godmother; Stay calm, folks; Sunny Obama doesn’t seem to be taking the move very well; As a nation, we don’t deserve Joe Biden. Thank you, sir; Ted Greener, you made it a week!; Seton Parsons, you should always say hello on the flight!; Is Emily Heil moving into real estate?; Big weekend plans?; Congratulations to the new homeowner, Tyler Roberts!; Patrick Gavin‘s handwriting is questionable; Matthew Faraci has gone Hollywood; A big (belated) congratulations to Court Lanio and Laura Neely on their engagement; Hello there, Rob Damschen; Happy 10th anniversary to Lauren and Jonathan Grella!; We really hope Caitlin Owens didn’t drink that vending machine coffee…; Congrats to Cody Keenan, Kristen Bartaloni and every other White House staffer on surviving many long nights and hard work for the American people; Congrats to Rachel Rauscher on landing her dream job!; Clayton Cox looks good in a wig, but Clyde McGrady looks INCREDIBLE; RIP, Smith Point. We really will miss you; You should find and follow Igor Bobic on Instagram.


Congratulations to Kate Bennett and Hunter Schwarz, who today announced their departure from Independent Journal Review to join CNN Politics’ White House team starting Monday. Just in time for Inauguration, the duo are sure to do big things, and we’ll look forward to their upcoming newsletter, set to launch very soon. After over half a decade at the US Chamber of Commerce, Andrew Kovalcin is setting up his own practice, Advanced Advocacy, which offers services to additional industries and efforts beyond the IP community. After ten years, the Washington Post’s Ylan Mui is making a move to CNBC, where she will serve as a Washington, DC correspondent. Tyrone Gayle joins the office of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as press secretary. He most recently served on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Insulet Corporation welcomes Chris Mcgowan as senior director of government affairs. Mark Bryant, previously with Resonate, is launching a consulting firm called Agency Advisors. Sarah Magrudedr Lyle is the new president of the Common Ground Alliance. Warren Rojas has been announced as the new editor of Eater DC. Missy Frederick, the previous editor of Eater DC, has been promoted to associate cities editor. Rick Murphy makes a move from Capitol Hill, where he served as chief of staff to Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) to Forbes Tate Partners. The National Education Association welcomes Marc Egan as its new director of government relations. America Rising is growing its team with the announcement of Joe Pounder as CEO, Byron Koay as President and Kyle Reliford as director of special projects. Katherina Dimenstein joins the office of Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ) as legislative director. Alicia Mundy, former Wall Street Journal reporter, joins Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (D-VT) team to focus on Budget Committee issues. Congratulations to Fritz Brogan on being named the newest national co-chair of Maverick PAC. And finally, the Washington Post has announced it is hiring for its rapid-response investigative team.


Good luck out there…