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A Steadfast Solution to Your Holiday Shopping

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With Halloween in the rearview and long holiday shopping lines up ahead, a new artisan craft market in DC offers an alternative to that dreaded trip to the mall. FamousDC sat down with Steadfast Supply creator Virginia Arrisueño to discuss her vision for the market and what Washingtonians can expect to see through the end of the year (and when they’re tired of following election day coverage).

As she works to reverse DC’s reputation as a city lacking true artisan “makers,” Steadfast Supply founder Virginia Arrisueño is changing the conversation about craftsmanship and what it means to fuel a movement which unites artists with consumers here in the District.

Steadfast Supply, a quirky weekend retail market that celebrates area designers and creatives, opened doors to its concept space in the Navy Yard neighborhood last month and will run every week through the end of the year.



How did you come up with the idea for Steadfast Supply?

I’m always looking for fun things to do in the District and ways to support the creative community and local economy as much as possible. Earlier this year, I went to Tokyo for a vacation with my family to explore. There, I went to a press preview for a particular store that had eight different floors, and one specifically dedicated solely to handmade products from Japan. The space had an open layout divided into individual brand sections that shared the story of the each designer, just like here at Steadfast. I thought it was amazing — the concept of it! So I took mental note of the experience and didn’t know if I was going to do anything with it. Shortly thereafter, I was asked if I could do something with the beautiful space that Steadfast now occupies. With my background curating the DC MEET Market and Parcel Market, I knew I could definitely bring retail brands here. But why just bring one retail brand? I’m bringing on multiple brands and utilizing that same idea that I saw in Japan. You see pop-ups in LA, New York, and London, but not in DC, and that needs to change.

What can Washingtonians expect to see at Steadfast Supply every weekend?

The whole concept will continue to change and evolve with 20-30 retail brands rotating out each month. The furniture in the space is modular and can be moved around. It also changes the format of the space as well. We have the communal work lounge area, which has public free wifi, two large bean bags, and kids tables. We wanted it to be very family friendly, pet friendly, and just consumer friendly in general. If people want to come by and hangout, maybe get some work done, they can totally use the space. We have an events calendar of workshops too, which are so much fun – we want the makers to have a relationship with consumers.

“You see pop-ups in LA, New York, and London,

but not in DC, and that needs to change.”

What are a few brands you’re excited to see here?

One is Trey Jones, a local brand that builds these absolutely gorgeous sculpted planters and also sells minimalist conceptual pieces for the home. I love GeneralNeed, which is a menswear brand for everyday use that has a street edge to it. There just aren’t many men’s apparel designers in DC Another one of my favorites is Funky and Little. They make the cutest little harem pants and t-shirts for kids.

How are market artisans chosen?

Every part of this space is curated, and brands can apply online or be invited to join Steadfast Supply. We want to make sure the brands we choose are aligned with our vision aesthetically and quality-wise — essentially unique brands that tell stories with their products.

Where can people go to find out more about you and Steadfast Supply?

People can simply go online to SteadfastSupplyDC.com. They can also find us on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The space is open every week at 1331 4th Street, SE — Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Don’t worry Type A’s, a full list of events held at Steadfast Supply can be found here.