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Famous Five – Josie Martin

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Josie Martin is the queen of balance.

We’re not sure about her tightrope-walking abilities, but we do know she has got health and wellness down pat (unlike some of us, who consider an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s a light snack). She’s the Executive Vice President of Public Affairs for PhRMA, a company that represents some of America’s biggest biopharmaceutical researchers. They’re working to find cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer. Pretty impressive, right?

I caught up (well, tried to catch up… she’s fast) with Josie this week at Ice Cream Jubilee to get tips on matching our Fitbits to our outfits, insight into living a healthier lifestyle, and of course, to get some dessert.

She’s easily far from plain and would never dare eat vanilla without a layer of fudge on top. Chocolate is her drug of choice.

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