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The GOP Communications Staffer Emotional Guide to the #SOTU Address

As Told by Taylor Swift

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It’s that time of year again – the President’s State of the Union Address. Yay!

For those of us who work in communications, the #SOTU is a magical night where we get to not only listen and parse every single word of a very long speech, but we also get to read every word written about it, before and after, as well as hear the insightful and thought-provoking commentary by America’s most dearly beloved political pundits.

Oh, and did I mention we also have the pleasure of arranging dozens of interviews, coordinating impossible schedules, rushing around to every hit, following up with reporters, and accommodating last minute requests?

Yes, the #SOTU is the most wonderful time of the year. And because I can’t properly express my true feelings about the wonderful, horrible, sleep-depriving circus that we call #SOTU, I’ve enlisted the help of my BFF Tay Tay to illustrate them on my behalf.

Preparing for a long day of #SOTU messaging and spinning, I’m like:


Walking into work, I’m like:


Seeing how many last-minute media requests I’ve received when I get into the office, I’m like:


When my boss gives me full control over what media outlets we talk to, I’m like:


Listening to the cable news pundits preview the speech, I’m like:


When the President walks into the Gallery and the applause lasts way too long, I’m like:


When the President immediately throws shade at every issue my boss is working on, I’m like:


When the President brings up legitimate problems with GOP policy, I’m like:


When the rebuttal is on point, I’m like:


When the media interview freshmen lawmakers for “in-depth” insight to the speech, I’m like:


When I lose my boss in Statuary Hall, I’m like:


When photographers are taking pictures of my boss, I’m like:


When my boss nails his messaging points in an interview, I’m like:


When my boss completely blows an interview, even though we went through messaging a million times beforehand, I’m like:


When my boss is blindsided by a question and throws a look of fierce rage at me during an interview, I’m like:


When I remember that tonight is President Obama’s last #SOTU, I’m like:


But I’m also kind of like:


Happy #SOTU 2016, everyone!


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