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To say 2015 was an an exciting year would be an understatement. Not only have there been incredible changes throughout the world and in our favorite city that we are honored to report on, but the FamousDC team has made some pretty amazing changes as well. This year, our team has grown significantly, experiencing too many “firsts” to simply list here.

We are so thankful to our audience (that’s YOU!), who has grown up with us and hung around for yet another year. Without you, we’d be laughing at our jokes alone.

This year included two parties in Las Vegas, a concert with Ludacris, an event with Shaq, and Rick Klein retweeted us once.

And we’re just getting started – let’s go crush 2016 together.

Here are just a FEW of our favorite moments from 2015.

Confessions of a Hill Staffer: 9 Secrets From the Inside

This is nothing like House of Cards OR The West Wing.

Top Political Digital Free Agents You Should Know

These are the savvy folks who have waited on the sidelines for the upcoming election, and their parties are ready to put them in. Know them, befriend them, watch them expertly play the game.

Life on the Hill: Infographic

When you work on the Hill, certain tasks can take over the time you spend at the job. We polled current and former staff, asking them how their time is spent at work.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 9.12.08 AM

FamousDC Interviews Congress Members via Snapchat

What happens when FamousDC and members of Congress get together on Snapchat? Pure unadulterated magic.

Top 5 Political Reporters You Should Know

Helping you find the next generation of talent, we reached out to our sources and  compiled a list of 5 political reporters to watch.

Gay Marriage is Legalized

We could not be prouder that the Supreme Court ruled that it’s unconstitutional to deny marriage license to same-sex couples in all states. #LoveWins.

Gay rights supporters celebrate outside the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington

Hillary Clinton’s Emails Exposed

We got our hands on some new Hillary emails not included in the 3,000 exposed by the US State Department. You’re going to want to check them out.

Our Newest Team Member Was Born

Barrett Kent Snead is Famous for DC and he’s a mere three days old! Barrett is the beautiful and healthy baby boy of FDC co-founder Amos Snead and his wife Whitney Drew.


Six DC Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Professional and amateur photographers get the chance to tell a visual story through the photos they’ve taken.

FamousDC Hangs Out With Ludacris

After a chat with the hip hop star, we enjoyed an epic performance which included all his legendary hits and a surprise guest appearance by his cousin and fellow artist, Monica.


FamousDC Hosts Debate Parties From Cleveland to Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas used to stay there… that is until CNN and FamousDC started putting it all over the internet. Welcome to the 2016 Presidential debate trail.

Marie Got Married

We really don’t like to share, but if our fabulous VP of Operations had to spend her time with anyone else besides her officemates, we suppose Rhett is ok.

The Pope Comes to DC

Okay DC, it’s Popelooza out there and we know it’s hard to sift through all the excitement. Lucky for you, this is your one stop shop for all things #PopeInDC. Tweets, snaps, hashtags, memorabilia, food specials, complaints, humble brags, and more.


Confessions of a Hill staffer: 10 Worst People On the hill

I mean, it’s totally awesome that your parents had thousands of dollars to donate to your Member’s campaign, but if you can’t effectively answer a phone, greet constituents, or keep the damn candy bowl full of tasty mid-afternoon treats, what is the point of your existence?

Farewell, Speaker Boehner

No one in Washington D.C. agrees on everything, except perhaps this: that here is a decent, honest man who did his best in service of our nation. 

If the Presidential Candidates Had Thanksgiving Dinner Together

Hillary would finally wear something other than a pantsuit. Just kidding; no she wouldn’t. She would, however insist on carving the Turkey. Donald would be the first to make someone cry. And then flirt with them. Jeb would try really hard to make small talk not awkward.


Things DC Couples Fight About

“I can not believe you just gave your business card to my mom.”

How We Really Feel Around Christmas

Sometimes there’s only one way to express your emotions… through gifs.

About That Hoverboard We Gave You…

When we gave you that hoverboard, we did it with the best intentions. Honest. We had no idea that this futuristic floating travel device would somehow develop a mind of its own and self destruct into a ball of fiery evil. We didn’t know that the hottest holiday gift of the year would actually combust into flames.

Thank you to all our friends, family, and devoted readers for making 2015 one for the books. We couldn’t have done it without you. Cheers!


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