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Famous Friday Round Up


As many of our readers at FamousDC know, the Bonjean Holiday Party has turned into the event of the season. It’s widely attended by the who’s who of Washington DC and features amazing food, delicious beverages, great conversation and an always interesting D-list celebrity.

They drop a few hints each year as to who the mystery guess will be. This year, FamousDC has been entrusted with the third and final clue.


Weather: Heads up DC… HEAT WAVE! Obviously, because it’s December. Pull on your shades and get outside in the 70 degree weather that is about to hit DC this weekend, but keep your scarf handy in case we hit that predicted 50 degree low.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: 

We promise not to tell your bros you went to the Vanessa Carlton concert this weekend; But we probably will tell your bros if we see you at the JoJo concert the next night; Sit at home and watch any (or all) of theseThe Zoo in lights is pretty awesome; Georgetown Glow opens tonight; Get ready to throw some bows at the Wear it Washington Sample Sale



Nearly 300 people joined NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal & Responsibility.org on the Hill last week. Shaq unveiled a new initiative to train law enforcement officers on how to detect the 4 Ds of impaired driving – drunk, drugged, drowsy and distracted. Shaq added a fifth D to sum up all types of impaired driving – dumb.



Girls rule, boys drool, but only every 29 yearsIf we’ve learned anything this year it’s that trolling is not above potential presidents; Is Rick Perry still running for president?; We’re not the only ones who love House of CardsWe have a huge crush on Paul Ryan’s beard; Thank God the “Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog” is finally here; Gift guide for that millionaire in your life; Facebook’s 2015 Year in Review has a nice message; We love people who argue on Twitter; Never end your texts with a periodMajoring in pizza is still better than majoring in English; Busted!– find out exactly which of your friends like Trump; Huma Abedin joins Instagram with a savvy first postThese are never a good idea; Ben Affleck got some disgusting ink on his back; Jesus H. Christ we talk about Donald Trump entirely too much.


BREAKING: all metro station names changed to anagramsThis is the sound of K Street adding Matt Bravo on LinkedIn #FloorDirector; DC has a new food delivery app; Sarah Koenig, we meet again – Serial is BACK!; Drivers vs. Cyclists: Round XXIVIIIXLVI; Last minute Christmas presents, great for the whole fam!; Best question ever asked at a Congressional hearing; He doesn’t even go here!; PR firm, Bryant Row brings holiday cheer via epic gaming truckBest DC chefs to watch in 2016 (h/t BYT); Morning Consult launches new polling data toolSorry New York, DC has great food tooWaPo isn’t moving books; Dian Rehm is retiring; When can we ban Donald Trump from our fair city?



Kelly Cohen; Wynne Campbell; Andrew Ricci; Elyse Petroni; Symone Sanders; Mark Brady; Will Carraco; Harshul Soni; Mike Emanuel; Brian McGuire; Kristin Wilson Keppler; Liz Eddy; Emerson Robilotto; Steve Johnston; Matthew Gagnon; Megan Whittemore; Elyse Petroni; John Feehery; Heidi Wilson; Topher Cushman.

Camden Danielle Shultz turned one!

Congrats on living 367 days and counting on planet Earth, Camden. We know almost knocking your teeth out wasn’t one of the highlights of your year, but your infectious smile continues to brighten the world each and every day!




Hill staffers from both sides of the aisle found togetherness and mutual self-assurance on the dance floor at Google’s big party last night at the W; Taz Jones crashed the coveted holiday party and is really pumped about it; Did you get free candy at the metro yesterday from NCA?; Give Rachael Dean a high five if you see her!; Capitol Hill will miss John Stipicevic!; Does our favorite former hill staffer, Andrea Tantaros, ‏read FamousDC?; Elliot Berke, congratulations for making the Washingtonian’s 2015 List of Top Attorneys; Is Jeremy Art busily preparing his 2015 re-cap video?; Capitol File Magazine celebrated its 10th Anniversary; Katie Harbath took a dive this week — see what we did there?; Jim Jeffries and Sen. Lamar Alexander are celebrating a huge victory this week; Hootie hoo to Carla Hall for opening what will surely be an awesome restaurant; CONGRATS to Chris Brooks for being named a Rising PR Star 30 & Under by PR News; Paris Dennard always gets invited to the good parties; Kevin Madden has chosen an interesting new profile pic; Kathryn Lehman shed a tear; Joseph Poduslo makes people laugh; Michael Ramlet is doing big things; Does Lauren Culbertson still read this far down?; Craig Jocius is going to enjoy the Army – Navy game this weekend; Sam Nathews makes his own camel suit jackets; Nathan Imperiale is wearing amazing pants today; Congrats to Elise Foley for 5 years at HuffPo!; This is the first Round Up Jamie Weinstein has ever received. 


Rachael Dean rejoins Senator McCain’s staff as Comms. Director; Jeff Dufour leaves his editing position at UrbanDaddy and is the editor of real-time news at National Journal; Politico Pro makes several new hires: Dan Diamond joins Pro as primary Morning Pulse newsletter writer, Austin Wright will be taking up a new post as Politico’s senior defense reporter based in the Pentagon, and Connor O’Brien joins the defense team as well; Beloved Capitol Hill bartender, Bradford Gamble has now moved over to Del Frisco’s Double Eagle at CityCenterDC; NMPA promoted Charlotte Sellmyer to Senior Vice President, External Affairs; Cameron Barr moves up from national editor to managing editor at The Washington Post; Big congrats to Julia Slingsby – headed from the Natural Resources Committee to join Speaker Paul Ryan’s team as Deputy Communications Director.

Congrats to Kristan King Nevins!

SBD Advisors has a new member of the team, Kristan King Nevins. She is the Director of Strategy at the strategic positioning and communications firm in DC started by former Time reporter and Pentagon advisor, Sally Donnelly.  SBD Advisors helps technology and cybersecurity firms from Silicon Valley and around the world as they work with public policy, regulatory and communications challenges.


Only fourteen Christmas shopping days left. Get it together.