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December in D.C. is a frantic time. People are scrambling all across the District to get their last minute holiday shopping done. They’re darting from one holiday themed party to the next. And they’re juggling the act of closing deals and clearing plates for a stress-free holiday. Here are a few other things you can expect to see in D.C. this December.

  • Long lines at Metro Center for those of us who put off our holiday shopping until the last minute
  • Between the crowds and delays at Union Station, and Reagan and Dulles airports, a horse-drawn carriage may be a more efficient way to get home
  • Lobbyists sporting their most festive holiday ties
  • Eggnog being sold out at all supermarkets and liquor stores within a 10-mile radius
  • Blown out holiday lights strung up around the city
  • Complete and utter panic at the first sign of snow
  • Holiday parties. Preferably presidential themed holiday parties. Pant suits and toupees, anyone?
  • Holiday candy flavored cocktails that you pretend to like, but then secretly spit out into the plant next to you.
  • Cookies baked in the shape of 2016 presidential candidates.
  • Realizing that you haven’t met your 2015 New Year’s resolutions and bumping those onto your 2016 list
  • Waking up with the worst hangover on New Year’s Day, but not regretting any minute of your celebration to ring in 2016.