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We’d heard about the new phenomenon, Weed on Wheels, going around D.C., but it wasn’t until we stumbled upon it ourselves that we could really truly believe it.

The rumors are true- marijuana-selling “Kush Gods” have taken D.C. by storm. The pot pushers currently have three operating vehicles in the D.C. metro area. You may be thinking, what kind of dark alley do I need to wander down in order to stumble across these drug deities? Think again- these guys set up shop in the convenient locations around 14th and U streets, as well as Adam’s Morgan and Shaw from the primetime hours of 2-10 pm. And the cars are far from inconspicuous. Emblazoned with a 360 degree sticker of pot plants, the luxury vehicles hardly blend in on the busy streets while an employee stands outside the vehicle audibly advertising the product. But wait it get’s better. You can follow them on Twitter.


“How is this legal?” you ask. Much like you give donations to the collection plate in church, the Kush Gods also accept “donations” in exchange for their edible goods. We’re not totally sure what happens if you want an edible but don’t want to donate. In fact, we’re not sure about a lot of how this all works. But we know one thing sure- D.C. has officially entered a new era.

You can read the full interview with Mr. Kush God himself here.


Totally, dude.