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What To Give Your Intern for Christmas

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At any given moment D.C. is rampant with interns. They’re on the metro, sitting on a bench during their lunch break, and standing next you in line at Starbucks. Interns are to D.C. what yellow cabs are to New York. With the holiday season upon us, you may find yourself scrambling around trying to find a gift for that dedicated intern in your office. We’ve got you covered.

  • A business card holder. Interns love the opportunity to network and give out their business cards. Give them a small professional holder to keep them all in.
  • A travel mug. Interns also love coffee. It’s the fuel that keeps them going, and a travel mug is the perfect way to get their caffeine fix while on the go.
  • SmarTrip card credit. Riding the metro everyday can be expensive. So help out that intern in your life and spot them for that next 40 minute metro ride into work.
  • A gift card to their favorite clothing store. Professional clothes can be just as expensive as riding the metro. It’s important for your intern to communicate professionalism both through the work they do and they clothes they wear. Give them the chance to show their boss that they take their job seriously and get them a gift card to their favorite store to stock up on some new professional pieces.
  • A planner. Keeping up with multiple commitments can be hard. Help your intern and their time management skills by getting them a planner to keep up with all of their school and work commitments this semester.
  • A spacious brief case or carry-all with lots of pockets. Finding a bag or brief case that can fit your laptop, school work, phone charger, travel mug, and any materials needed for work can be quite the task. Relieve some stress and find that intern in your life the perfect bag or brief case to take to work with them.
  • A portable charger. This is the perfect gift for all those times your intern is stuck on the metro with only 10% battery on his or her phone. Help keep them entertained by picking up a portable charger for them to use on the metro.
  • Lunch. Buying lunch everyday can rack up a serious bill, and sometimes it’s hard to refrain from eating those leftovers in your fridge at 1 A.M. A gift card to their favorite restaurant or nearby supermarket is the perfect gift to keep your intern fueled and full all day long.
  • A home cooked meal. Interns are often college students running around the city on a tight budget. The one thing they probably miss the most about being home is a good home cooked meal. So the best gift to give them this season is a delicious meal and some words of encouragement. They’ve been working hard all semester long, and it’s time for a well-deserved break.
  • A job. If your intern has really shown off their hard work and dedication, think about offering them a chance to come on full time. Everyone had to get their start somewhere, and who is more deserving than the person who’s been busting their butt for you already?