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Famous Friday Round Up



Weather: DC is bringing us temperatures in the high 80s with absolutely no rain in sight. Stow your umbrellas and throw on the shades, DC is getting toasty…again.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Channel your inner kid and head to the giant trampoline gym, RebounderzHead to the Starburst Plaza for an epic Step Xplosion performanceWatch endless movies at the Comcast Film FestivalHit up a Nats gameGet your drink on at the National Harbor’s Crab and Beer FestivalHave a delicious meal in Alexandria during their restaurant week.



Deez Nuts will always exist in our hearts; Seth Meyers awards C-SPAN the mantle of “leading network when it comes to filming empty seats;” Even government workers need to have fun sometimes; POTUS candidates will spend a casual $1 billion on online ads this year; Some people are pissed at Spotify this week; Ashley Madison just became the most feared name by cheating spouses everywhere; Why airplanes still have barf bags (h/t Margie Astorga); We’ve all been there; Well this was only about 75 years overdue; Related: these women rock; Trevor Noah’s first ‘Daily Show’ promo is bootylicious; Jezebel asks the important questions; These candidates aren’t so graceful.



Smart traffic light systems could be used by hackers to bring DC to a halt; Women in Government Relations have been killing the game for 40 years; Rebecca Gale keeping it real as always; Empowered Women is looking for an awesome fall intern; #DCSunset; Good news everyone, wicking fabric is now suitable for formalwear;  Michael Cohen saved 14th street’s Barcelona and uses the word “clocked” like a cool 1940s detective; We want to eat kolache; Obama is killing it; Uber is snacking it up; This guy started out as a custodian at Soul Cycle, now he has a cult following.



Capitol hill is officially stylen’; High five tech nerds; DC has entered the war on air conditioning; We just can’t get enough of this amazing photographer; Meet IJ Review’s finest, Bubba Atkinson and Alex Skatell; How Uber is judging you; FDC hit the clubs.



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Famous birthday wishes for: Erica Lipke; David Kloos; Alex Oliveira; Bernard Abagali; Jordan Ott; Sam Vaghar; Katie Long; Kathryn Moloney; Sarah Oliver; Abby Marie; Sergei Sokolov; Morgan Chavis; Stephanie Haddad; Casey Janssen; Gio Gonzalez; Ian Desmond; Shannon Scruggs Campagna; Emily Lynn; Emily Cook; Bill Clinton; Will HurdKelsey JonesRon Bonjean; David E. PriceJackie WalorskiLouie GohmertKathy CastorSteve DainesRuben HinojosaJon TesterCory GardnerTrey Gowdy.



Where in the world is Mike Dankler?; Congratulations to Matt Bravo for his first hole in one from the ladies tee; Welcome to DC Lexi Nathan and Jon Qvarnstrom; Give Sujata Mitra a high five because she is crushing it; Brian Johnson is an Uber and cargo short expert; We didn’t think David Jones could be a bigger deal than he is, but then this week happened; Are Amos Snead, Josh Shultz, and Nathan Imperiale ever coming back?; Has Morgan Gress had a grape jelly sandwich recently?



LCOR expands its Washington D.C. team with the hire of Senior Project Manager John Droppa and Project Manager Britton Carr; Jonathan Swan has joined The Hill’s campaign team to cover money in politics; Tom Bettag is now the Eleanor Merrill Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland; Bob Moser is the new politics editor at the New Republic; Michelle Legro also joins the New Republic as the culture editor; Stephanie Heimann is now photo editor at the New Republic; Patrick J. Connors leaves publishing position at Men’s Fitness to be the new publisher of InStyle; Jamelle Bouie is Slate’s new chief political correspondent; Morgan Radford is now a correspondent for NBC News; Previously, she was an anchor and correspondent for Al Jazeera America; Stephanie Smith is now a senior editor at Yahoo Food; Meredith Talusan is now a LGBT staff writer at BuzzFeed; Erin McPike, Ginger Gibson and Grant Smith join Reuters election team as reporters; Dana Bash is CNN’s new Chief Political Correspondent; George Levines joins Defense One as Digital Editor.