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During President Obama’s first visit to hang with the White House press corps it was all smiles and handshakes, except for one reporter. Yes, one reporter remembered his job responsibilities as a member of the Fourth Estate. That reporter, a FamousDC Secretary of Education, is JoMa.

We’re sure JoMa is off to an icy start with the Obama White House. The Bush WH didn’t like David Gregory because he asked the tough questions that nobody else wanted to. Is JoMa the next David Gregory? Only time will tell.

We’d love to say we were the first ones to notice JoMa’s tenacity, but the ultimate news driver, Matt Drudge, spotted it early and made JoMa’s neck famous. The below picture was already tagged on Facebook by Friday afternoon.

JoMa’s Famous Neck

Was this line dropped at Paolo’s this weekend?

“Yeah, totally my neck on the Drudgester all day Friday asking the tough questions to B.O.”