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Meet Complex the Exec, a hip-hop artist and rising media mogul from Washington, D.C. His company, Complex Inc. creates and publishes Hip-Hop music and videos appropriate for all ages and catered to all audiences. Additionally, the media company has an entity in which they provide video production services for boutique businesses world wide. When it comes to his …

If you’re like us and have been wondering where Obama Girl has been, wonder no more. Patrick Gavin has you covered. For Amber Lee Ettinger, the 29-year-old New Yorker who rose to fame as the Obama Girl in 2008 when her YouTube videos supporting Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign became …

This is the only way to do campaign commercials. h/t grove

Without YouTube, our lunch hours would be empty. [3 billion daily views] h/t @halfecstatic

If you have yet to figure out that C-SPAN is a dominant new media force, this should help: C-SPAN’s WHCD video featuring President Obama’s remarks, has been viewed on YouTube over 7,200,000 times.  This means it has now surpassed the previous most-viewed Obama video on YouTube, the March 18, 2008 …

OUT OF OFFICE REPLY: FamousDC will be out of the office until November 3.  If you need anything, please look for us in Vermont. h/t @SuperDelicious

This is what happens after you drink 13 cups of coffee and attempt to shoot a campaign ad. We love how this guy mentions Facebook while he holds up his rifle. “Who on earth would support such a dummy?” Brilliant. h/t HA

This is nasty good. [h/t Aztec’s Backfill] Not every day you hear a Taiwanese Boy sing a Whitney Houston song better than Whitney Houston could now.

Who is the girl in the bikini at the 1:55 mark? She did a good job acting … considering the shadow is coming from the opposite direction she is looking.

If this doesn’t get you excited to vote in Texas, nothing will. h/t Liz Mair

UPDATE: The NRCC won with 67% of the vote. Not to be outdone by the NRCC, the NRSC just dropped a creative new ad.  [ahem, Ambinder] Which leads us to this – which video is better?  [poll below] Which web video is better?(survey software)

Chris Good: Congressional Republicans Own YouTube

In an attempt to continue world domination, the Lord of the Tubes just made this announcement: Breaking: Google says that YouTube will begin testing a movie rental option. Because they are well aware of their already slow load speed, YouTube says that a two hour movie will now take approximately …

It’s called the "100 Greatest Hits Of YouTube In 4 Minutes."  We’re not quite sure that’s the case, but it does include Famous Five participant Matt Harding. That alone makes this video post-worthy. h/t Ericka